Australia's hidden Ice Age museum.

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There's artwork that's tens of thousands of years old that very few people have ever heard of, even most people in Australia have no idea this place exists. There's even a stone that could be some kind of number or counting system, which would mean that it's the oldest in the world. ... ows-about-

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PostFri Dec 27, 2013 2:31 pm » by Webcat

Interesting post :flop: and :hiho: to DTV julianazzange7

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Australia has an amazing place in Western Australia on the Burrup Peninsula, or Murujuga in the traditional language, that could have around a million rock artworks and is tens of thousands of years old. But very few people in Australia, let alone the rest of the world, has heard about it. The rock at 6 minutes, 23 seconds is really interesting, it doesn't appear to be artwork, but some kind of counting system, which would make it the oldest counting system in the world, older than even the Sumerian counting system. The artwork shows ice age animals that have been extinct for a long time and the artwork is distinctly different from most other Aboriginal artwork.

Video and quote from OP's link.



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PostFri Dec 27, 2013 7:24 pm » by TorJohnson

Thanks for this, very interesting. Ancient Australia is somewhat of an enigma as not much is known about it at all.
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TorJohnson wrote:Thanks for this, very interesting. Ancient Australia is somewhat of an enigma as not much is known about it at all.

Ancient everything is somewhat of an enigma, the origins of man & the nature of previous civilization is kept under lock & key, controlling history is one way of controlling our present & future, but then you probably know that anyway :mrgreen:

Welcome to DTV JA, hows it going in the embassy, care to tell us about the other person hiding in there too, Ms Davison ?

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