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PostThu Jan 13, 2011 7:30 pm » by The Five Percent

phaeton wrote:
thefivepercent wrote:Well, i think it was the pleiadians not us, em, no i mean those reptilian bastards. It was definitely the pleiadians, they are always trying to blame the reptilians but it wasn't them, they wouldn't do sssssssssssssssuch a thing. People alwayssss think the worssst of the reptilians but they are really just looking out for the best interests of the humans delicate but sweet meat, i mean bodies, like me because i am jusssssst a normal everyday human being.

Sthat 'fivepercent' thingy related to the rhesus negative %'age o/t populus per chance sir?

Pindz: Like the tunes o/t first vid. :flop:

No, it's related to the 5% of reported UFO cases that have highly credible witnesses and remain compelling and truly unexplainable, at least that is what Nick Pope always says, my favourite UFO investigator. I think a few people here would say Nick Pope is a disinformation illuminati agent because of his level headed evidence based approach, few people lend so much credibility to the UFO phenomena than Nick Pope.
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PostThu Jan 13, 2011 7:31 pm » by Aquarius

Keep it up Pindz, your constant bombardment of this theme is slowly allowing people to open their eyes and realize that you are dis-informing and you're the one trying to spread fear.

Could these floods not have come from the recent tectonic plate break in New Zealand, that created a new fault line with an 8 on the richter scale earth quake, due to the immense gas build up underneath. Could this new fault line not have raised or sunk plates, causing Brisbane to be lower or the ocean floor to be higher. Could simple science have an explanation for this? Is every earthquake down to the reptiles or Hillary Clinton? Douche.
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PostThu Jan 13, 2011 7:34 pm » by Sevenofnine

funnyman46 wrote:
sevenofnine wrote:
funnyman46 wrote:If I truly was an evil entity it also stands to reason I have an opposing opposite as well. Now let’s take this a step further; I have the power to manipulate the weather and much more as does my nemesis so it stands to reason that my counterpart could also neutralize any effects I create. This being the case, we eliminate each other and zero, there is no one effecting the weather patterns besides, the fight would be against each other and not the planet.
Oh you can say, “its the battle for souls or the planet itself”
Again the battle is best fought with each other as I would not want to damage my prize.

I like the way you work.

But could it be a chess game of sorts, where many pawns and many tricks are in use.

The prize could be the souls or the planet, each of those would not be damaged in this game.

If indeed this is the reality of the situation.

Planet earth will repair, and the souls, well thats beyond my present understanding to explain without ridicule.

But would you wreck the car before buying it even though you know a good repair shop?

I see your logic, maybe its our prize my default and something is trying to mess it up.

Just a thought.
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PostThu Jan 13, 2011 10:09 pm » by Pindz

You can see REPTILIANS in this thread actually.



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PostFri Jan 14, 2011 12:48 pm » by The Five Percent

pindz wrote:You can see REPTILIANS in this thread actually.



You mean there are reptilians posting in thisssss forum? Nah, i don't think there are any here, certainly not me, i'm aint no sssstinkin' reptile and i know none of my reptilian brothersss are, em, i mean, eh, friendss yea friends not brotherss, i don't know any reptiliansss honesstly, if i did i'd definitely tell you.

Oh actually i do know one and he is a very decent fellow, i ssspoke to him at length and he assured us, i mean, me that they only wisssh to help the humanss, i mean help us to defeat the real enemy, the greys and the pleiadian scum that they are, they are the onesss that have infiltrated the forum not us, i mean the reptiles.

If you got to know one of us, them, then you would ssssee that they are really nice people and no, they don't lossse control of their human form, i know for a fact, one pint of 10 year old red haired female child is enough to sustain their shapeshiping abilities for at least a week, and that's minimum, it can last as long as 12 days. Besssides we usually drink at least 2 pints then they restrain the girl, feed them through an IV to keep em alive and have an arterial port installed so they can get the warm sweet blood any time they want, once the girls 11th birthday comes, they sacrifice it at the alter of Draco and have a feast, by that time we, i mean they usually have at least half a dozen children there so it's quite a feast, or so i heard.

Oh and they do this with the full consent of the child because their soul is captured and put in to a new body, so no one actually diesssss, honestly.

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PostFri Jan 14, 2011 12:52 pm » by Whiteknight2000

Hey Pindz.

If a black SUV parks outside your house I would laugh my ass off.

If a person who lived through the brisbane floods seen your posts they would probably want to punch you.

Stop posting this nonsense. You really need to grow up, and learn that what you post offends people, and offends innocent people who lived through this disaster.

Have a heart.

Can someone in the CIA please shoot this guy? I've had enough. Better yet can someone from CNN find this guy and post a story up about PINDZ the reptilian hunter. Maybe being embarrass by his actions, will he's made a huge mistake.

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PostFri Jan 14, 2011 1:27 pm » by Funnyman46

Although I’ll admit the title of this thread is misleading I feel your comment to have someone shot is more offensive. Pindz has been on a crusade to out what he feels are direct deceptions of a race with ulterior motives. True some are a bit of a stretch and some folks have their fun with them, myself included but to ask for an organization to go shot this guy is over the top and borders on a failure to follow the site thread rules.
If you disagree with his methods or evidence then debunk it but don’t come here and start stating who deserves to live and who doesn’t.
Nowhere in this post has Pindz directly disrespected the Australians current situation. He’s attacking the leaders and not the people or belittling their current struggles.

That being said, statements like

Has yet to be proven.
So much for your Commitment to change yourself and not judge people anymore according to your own words and thread.
We all know what is coming....
To my fellow DTV friends,

I have come here not to judge. I have come here to make peace with all of you.

Sometimes, simple is better

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PostFri Jan 14, 2011 2:39 pm » by Alienlabrat

Pindz is right.

Next move: food shortage / starvation. Spread fear, lower vibration. ... r_embedded

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PostMon Jan 17, 2011 9:52 am » by I2haveseen


:think: Did I miss something here? Even if Julia was reptillian, where is the Corralation/Info/link to Dem makeing da floods?
AUSTRALIAN FLOOD MADE BY REPTILIANS, Do U have anything2Bac this claim?
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PostMon Jan 17, 2011 10:41 am » by Drjones

Ok, as far as i can remember Pindz has been on disclose for aslong as myself, perhaps longer, not sure, not bothered, fact is he's been here for a long time. SO.. during this time i have to say i have not seen one good article from him and ANY intuitive reality based discussions coming from it. I then have to ask myself what is this guy doing here, constantly rambling about reptillians this, reptillains that :headscratch: Some of pindzs' video uploads are appreciated but really i'm confused as to the lack of any good forum content.
If people are looking for disinfo agents around here then you'd have to seriously consider Pindz, imo.
I know i do. :oops:


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