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As you all know our food is increasingly becoming modified and these modifications have different consequences like the varieties of gmo that can absorb huge amounts of pesticide made by the same company to ensure their high sales and make vegetables poisonous for us.
Also gmo foods have different protiens that the body is not used to digesting, most food we have that is processed nowadays have no natural enzymes left anyway but eating vetetables at dinner
normally meant we were getting good enzymes to help break down the other foods we were eating.
But not anymore, we are getting fat and we are getting less nutrition from weaker food.
Studies have shown that todays food has significantly less nutrition that 50 years ago.

We in Australia don't get a say, we are like you americans, it doesn't matter who you vote for except Tony Abott who will recind the Carbon get rich quick tax by the overseas bankers who are selling us worthless carbon credits while they buy a second billion dollar yatch and boob job for the ten mistresses.

Anyway before I digress further: A pdf is available for download form this site with the non gmo list.

Below info from above link:

Australia currently has limited labelling laws for genetically modified (GM) foods. That's where the Truefood Guide comes in handy. The Guide rates food brands and products as Green (non-GM), Orange (phasing out GM ingredients) and Red (may contain GM ingredients).
This year, we've released a Kids Edition of the Truefood Guide. Hundreds of worried parents have contacted us over the years to find out which brands to feed their baby or put into school lunchboxes if they want to steer clear of GM, so we decided it was time to release a special guide listing food marketed at kids.

The new guide makes it easy to avoid GM foods. Check out how your favourite family snacks rate by scrolling through the guide here on the right.

Buy Green. Many of the foods listed aren't just for little people, so don't feel left out if you're over 18. Vegemite-maker, KRAFT for example, fail to source non-GM ingredients. That makes us all unhappy little vegemites. The way to make KRAFT change is to stop buying their product until they commit to sourcing from non-GM suppliers.

Orange. Committed to removing GM from future supply-chain orders

Avoid Red. Fails to protect against GM contamination ... question=5

The above link is interesting as it can answer questions you may have here in Australia.

I'm not joking about how deadly these gmo foods are! We are all getting sick, not just you and your cravings, all of us. :look: ... umans.html

Info from above link: This is a non gmo funded study, surpise!!!

Rats fed a lifelong diet of one of the bestselling strains of genetically modified corn suffered tumours and multiple organ damage, according to a controversial French study published today.
Scientists said the results raised serious questions about the safety of GM foods and the assurances offered by biotech companies and governments.
The first lifetime trials involving rats fed on GM corn found a raised incidence of breast tumours, liver and kidney damage.

Read more: ... z2BaOltA5h


So they are busy putting plain packaging on cigarettes when they should be putting plain packaging on our food aswell. Thank god for internet and free speech. :owned:
Live by the Terror, Die by the Terror.

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