Ball is now spelled 'bol': B-O-L

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I should have titled the op ‘Ball’ is now also spelled ‘bol’: B-O-L. As I propose that bol become a ‘correct spelling’, I’m not implying that ‘ball’ should be incorrect – they both are correct! Now the question is, “Which one should I use and promote?”

‘Ball’ or ‘Bol’? Well, bol only has three letters compared to four for ball. Is this one letter difference important? Uh, if you had the opportunity to make something 25% simpler would you take it? And remember that ball or bol is one of the first words that 5-year-olds learn how to spell.

Non-coincidental synchronic reaction: On 10/17/10, I tried to attend Park Springs Presbyterian Church where some musician-friends play, but I got lost and couldn’t find it. As I was driving home, I noticed a huge new church being built! I stopped and attended Church by the Glades for the first time, I certainly hadn’t planned on going there. “We believe that Jesus Christ is God’s Son and that His favorite thing to do is radically and wonderfully transform lives”. At 11:15, they have a contemporary service and this Sunday’s had a Miami Heat basketbol theme to it. They began the church service in a most unique way! Teenagers came out with several beach bols including two huge ones and threw them into the audience. The church members and guests then batted them around for about five minutes before collecting them. After the second time I got knocked in the head with a giant beach bol, I realized that this was my first time in a church since I Internet posted ‘Ball’ is now spelled ‘bol’: B-O-L.

- Brad Watson, Miami, FL

10/19/10 7:44 ABC’s Good Morning America reports that CA megachurch Crystal Cathedral $55 million in debt files bankruptcy. :ohno:

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PostTue Oct 19, 2010 3:34 pm » by Savwafair2012

gimme da bol gimme da bol gimme da bol

Yep I hear that alot when watching Basketball games
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PostTue Oct 19, 2010 3:44 pm » by Jimmyduek

muchtyman wrote:
thesaint wrote:I wish I could do a face palm. :badair:

Just lookin for an excuse to post this ........


:cheers: Marduk , Tele ........whoever ..............

ooo what a great pic, thanks for sharing :flop: :pray:

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PostThu Oct 21, 2010 4:40 pm » by Bradwatson


You're very rude and I don't appreciate being called a "Moron" (who does?). And it is YOU that apparently doesn't possess the intellect to understand the revolution in education that 'BOL' produces. You FAIL F, you also receive an F in conduct. Please don't reply to my threads anymore and I promise not to reply to yours. Thank you.

- Brad Watson, Miami, FL


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