Ball of light from Sky....

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PostSun Oct 07, 2012 2:21 pm » by DarkDescent

thankyou, it did look very similar except it was bigger and brighter, and it was falling straight down it wasn't lighting quick but it was slow enough for me to notice it and it was still very far away as it fell past a cloud and i stopped seeing it, so the fact that it was still so big, despite the distance away it was is a bit strange. also their wasn't any bad weather at all, not for ages, in fact i was the best weather we had the hole time! thankyou!

btw, thankyou The57ironman im new to the hole forum thing, especially about space and all this cool stuff.

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PostThu Dec 27, 2012 11:30 pm » by mylightball

I have also witnessed a ball of light in North Carolina one night at my brothers house I was awaken by the dog barking my brother had a small dog which was out side on the front porch. the dog kept barking i woke up and saw that something was lighting up the out side of the house every time the dog started barking the light would go away I got up thinking someone was out side trying to steal something so I went and looked out the window at first I thought it was a star hoovering over the house next door then I realize that it couldn't possibly be a star that close to the ground it kind of blended in with the night sky there was lots of stars out that night and in the country its very dark no city lights so you can see the stars very good. as I stood there looking out the window this light started moving across the yard as it did it Illuminated the whole out side it was the size of a large soft ball but it seem to have tremendous energy it moved slowly toward the house the dog started barking at it again then it suddenly move at lightening speed back over top of the other house which was a vacant property at the time. I called my husband to come to the window to look as we both stood there looking out it came back to the house this time it came to the window and was right in my face I froze in place and was to afraid to move even though the dog barked it didn't leave it came up to the window and appeared to scan my face it moved straight up and down then it moved side to side making a cross pattern on my face then it zoomed at lightening speed back over the house next door i ran from the window and was too afraid to go out side to see what it was but I can tell you it was definitely real my husband saw it as well and was also afraid to go out side after it taunting the dog for few more trips across the yard it zoomed back into the sky at speed that I cannot measure and disappeared among the stars.. I also witnessed this same thing years later in Florida with another person so I know what I saw was real second time driving in my car around 9:00 pm on a summer night. I also want to add that I could not see through this ball of light it appeared to be like plasma or thick energy when it illuminated the outside it was so bright it almost made it like daylight can't really explain it. My father told me about a light that he saw over and over again as a child and now he has passed away so I'm not able to ask if this was that same type of light. please if anyone else see's this or can explain I would appreciate it.

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PostThu Nov 05, 2015 11:41 pm » by Dragonfox2

I saw something like that but what I saw was a massive white and it was falling like you said but there was no sound no trail behind it and it just caught my eye then disappeared over the trees I would say a star looks like a peanut while this thing looked like a massive pumpkin

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PostThu Nov 26, 2015 6:37 am » by suzannamir

I too experienced something strange about 4-5yrs when I worked night shift at the hospital. I saw 3 flying balls of light outside patients windows. I thought I was dreaming so I quickly got closer and as if they saw me they began to approach me. I got a bit scared but they seemed harmless.i quickly go onto the elevator and found myself on 3rd floor, and there they were, outside the 3rd floor windows as if they were waiting for me..then I got scared and hid for a few minutes and then as I came our I saw them leaving bouncing together as if harmonious with each other..later k found out we had a few poeple pass away.. the room I saw the outside was fairly close to the room of the deceased, as if they were here to pick someone up....wierd ..that year I had alot of strange things happen to if I was being watched

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PostThu Nov 26, 2015 6:08 pm » by Truths33ker22

DarkDescent wrote:Hi there, I'm 15 years of age, fascinated by conspiracy theories and space and stuff. I live in Australia and it's school holidays so I'm away from home with the family and my sister, little brother and I were going for a night walk about 1 and a half hours ago (10.30pm), and everything was okay when I looked to the right and saw this bright white light falling from the sky but it was really far away because I saw it and said "what the hell is that", looked at my sister and looked back and caught a glimpse of it falling behind a cloud. Then it was gone, bare in mind that this wasn't high up in the sky's, so I only saw it for about 2 full seconds but in my mind it was 10 minutes. It was going straight down in a complete vertical line and was fairly slow, not a shooting star because my sister saw one shortly after it and told me it was very quick. can someone please help me with what I saw? I also had an encounter with something strange when I was little that I sill tell in another post after I get some explanations on what my sighting was, thankyou very much!

Welcome DD and thank you for your story!

Keep your mind open and your heart filled with love and you will go far!

Keep looking up :D

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PostThu Nov 26, 2015 6:32 pm » by pushtone


A Parasite - if you catch one - send it to me :hell:


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PostFri Nov 27, 2015 11:53 am » by DarkHeart

This is a bit odd, very slow for a meteorite.... :think: ... -michigan/

Vid at link :cheers:

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