Bank Target: HSBC closes accounts of Syrians in UK

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Bank Target: HSBC closes accounts of Syrians in UK

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Published on Aug 12, 2014

British banking giant HSBC has been accused of racial profiling after closing accounts belonging to Syrian refugees and students living in the UK. Earlier, it emerged that the bank had shut down the accounts of high-profile UK-based Muslim organizations. RT's Polly Boiko met with some of HSBC's former clients.

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Back in the 80s before it became clear that Hong Kong would be safe after the takeover, they transferred the technical ownership to Bermuda so that even if the commies confiscated the bank in Hong Kong, everything overseas would be safe since it was owned out of Bermuda. The bank in Hong Kong proper is merely a subsidiary of the one overseas even though it was the original.

Laurent Pierre is correct, it is a multinational bank and no one really knows who owns what but there is no reason to think that it is majority owned by chinese, or say, missouri synod lutherans. It is probably owned by the ....same people... who own most of the other banks in the world.

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