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WELL ITS COMING the new world bank to help save you from disaster .
Satanist Insider: "Keep Your Money Hidden"
June 13, 2010

"Just so you know, there will be a cover story about a virulent computer virus which will necessitate the banks of the world closing (for about three days?). When these re-open it will be back to the 1930s where depositors must prove why they need their money. The more things change, the more things stay the same. Just remember I told you so."

[Editor's Note: This "advice" is an excerpt from an email, below, received from a prominent Satanist insider. In January, he posted a very revealing confession from a fellow Satanist, who had just died.]

by Aloysius Fozdyke


Having just returned to Australia from London and Tokyo I thought I'd be so bold as to offer you some advice - which I appreciate that your readers will not understand and even if they did, would do nothing about. The lord is their shepherd. Eventually the shepherd always leads his sheeple to the slaughterhouse...eventually.

A quick Google search illustrates that the information has gone far and wide without anyone understanding it. I guess Petor was correct after all. Even Aquino hasn't said anything!

The material I supplied on the instruction of the late Petor Narsagonan has been rejected as a hoax. ["Australian Adept Unveiled Satanic World Control"]

A hoax? On what grounds? When the economic turmoil hits will the sheeple still doubt? Just so you know, there will be a cover story about a virulent computer virus which will necessitate the banks of the world closing (for about three days?). When these re-open it will be back to the 1930s where depositors must prove why they need their money. The more things change, the more things stay the same. Just remember I told you so.

When in Britain, I had a meeting with Graham Nicholson [Chief Legal Adviser, Bank of England.] Such a delightful fellow. So is Martin Daunton [History Professor, Master of Trinity Hall, Cambridge.University] If only people knew to which Trinity they deferred. Europe is about to collapse. America is finished, or will be after the Iranian war. And poor old Alex Lebed! No one believed him either.

When the economic recession is replaced by the economic depression and Obama and Cameron have to take the necessary and very hard decisions, the Democrats and Conservatives will be finished as political parties. The Alpha Lodge is currently bringing together several different religious and political movements before the arrival of The Usher of Desecration and Vindex.

Whilst in Tokyo I had the pleasure of meeting Kazuhiko Saitou (left.) He will be twenty-seven in September, but his political future is assured. His influence on Japanese sexuality, indeed culture, exceeded all expectation and it was that which initially causes us to contact and nurture him. His parents are not in good health, but we have taken steps to assist. Keep an eye on him. For one so young his magickal ability is considerable. The Order will be in firm hands. The Eye of Hoor is better than the Mouth of Isis. Kazuhiko-san knows this. (You really should examine his horoscope. Dynamite!)


Satanism is a mystery because at what passes for its dark heart there is the God of Enigma, known by countless names, worshiped throughout history, revered in every continent and still unknown and unknowable. Satanism as a tradition began in Australia around the time of federation. Prior to the beginning of the last century there had been Australian practitioners, but never a tradition, as such.

There exists abundant evidence of Satanic Magick in the architecture and alignment of some of Australia's earliest cities - of which Sydney and Hobart are perhaps the clearest examples. But much remains hidden and unsearchable.

Every system of thought and understanding stems from a number of basic postulates about the universe and man's relationship to it. These ideas and assumptions go to make up the paradigm or dominant world view through which a culture or an individual interacts with its universe.

Aeons are marked by the passage of various great metaphysical thought paradigms rather by the passage of set periods of historical time. Within each great paradigm there will be lesser paradigms which contribute to the whole.

For example, in the dominant White-Anglo-Saxon-Protestant culture of Europe and America, the main paradigms are Protestant-Atheism, with its dependent paradigms of liberal humanistic individualism and the work ethic, and science with its dependent paradigms of causality and materialism.

Other cultures have had, and still do have, completely different world views which it is difficult for an outsider to enter. The Universe (being the accommodating creature that she is) will tend to provide confirmation of any paradigm one chooses to live in. We are, to an extent, an observer created-universe.


And here's another secret you won't appreciate: In the sinister tradition the Number One is always a figurehead. The power resides in the deputy. The King is below The Prince. To every prophet his Honour.

With heroic pride we praise the God who is our God.

For there have been other ages and another evil and good.

With ecstasy and sacrifice, sex and death we praise our God.

We love what a person has written in and with blood.

Writers in blood do not want to be read, but learned.

We love life not because we live but because we love.

Avé Satanas. Satanas Dominus Terra.


Note: I asked Aloysius why he "outed" Nicholson and Daunton. Wouldn't they know him? His reply:

The Alpha Lodge has its reasons for doing things, although my association with the Lodge is more limited these days owing to my Grade, age and health issues, etc. I'm semi-autonomous these days. Those "outed" are safe. Think of it as just a little shot across the bow. There's fewer reasons for discretion.

Narsagonan's material still hasn't been dissected. For your information, Billy Browno was a reference to Billy Mackie Snedden, KCMG, QC. He was always a back-door man and died in the arms of Sonia McMahon; not that, that was made public. I'd have thought that Cristian would have worked that out, but he's not the brightest crayon in the box, is he?

[Queen] Elizabeth is to address the General Assembly next month. We've already sorted out that she won't say anything about the constitutional problems Canada, Australia and New Zealand are experiencing. That would stop Japanese whaling in 'Australian' Antarctic waters - amongst other things. The Alpha Lodge protects its investments and compatriots. Pity about Hatoyama [recently resigned Japanese PM] though, as his wife was an asset.

Anyway, I've given you more than enough to work with. Have no fear: no one will join the dots.

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We've had two thousand years or more off religion scaring the shit out of people, that's about enough, to me 'they' are just tyrants losing control, the magic of men is overruled by the magic of nature.

When a person wants to survive fear is never an option, so the people who lived of the fear of others are dying now, they will be the first no matter where they are trying to hide.

Sure, there is a big chance that the banks will close and people will loose all the money they have on their accounts, no big deal, the money is already worthless.
Follow your bliss(ters) - Joseph Campbell

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Use World Currency to Renounce the Debt!
July 5, 2010

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

In upcoming years, cities, states & nations will have one overwhelming choice:

1. Renounce all debt created by bankers out of nothing, or due to compound interest. This is probably 50-80% of all government debt.

2. Or accept the unbearable burden and be willing accomplices in our enslavement and destruction.

The central banking cartel wants a one-world currency. We keep seeing reminders. For example, today we read, "The dollar is an unreliable international currency and should be replaced by a more stable system, the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs said in a report released Tuesday."

What if that new currency was not based on central banking cartel (i.e. IMF) debt? What if most of the old debt was abolished?


The human experiment is in danger of failure because our forefathers were too weak, feckless or corrupt to get money creation right.

Money has no inherent value. It is a medium of exchange like sea shells or beads. It is simply a convenient method for billions of people to exchange millions of disparate products and services.

Nobody can own a medium of exchange. It must be public.

But a network of private Illuminati families do own it. They produce the medium of exchange in the form of a debt to them. And they charge compound interest on this "debt" created out of thin air. We are being strangled by these debts.

They know this lucrative fraud is unsustainable unless they enslave mankind, mentally and spiritually, if not physically.

These Illuminati banking families have used their position to control all major corporations and governments. Do you know that it takes only 3-4% of shares to control most widely-held corporations? These corporations in turn buy the executives and politicians, pundits and professors that run the world for the bankers.

Everybody in a position of power and influence today is indirectly employed by these dynastic banking families. Their primary role, whether they understand it or not, is to protect the fraudulent credit system. They are traitors and collaborators, and as long as we support them, we are all complicit in our own destruction.

Our perception of reality is controlled by these bankers through ownership of the mass media. We see through "spectacles they arrange on our noses."


Mankind is living a lie because our currency is based on a fraud. Our history is really the story of how these bankers have set countries against each other in pointless wars in order to kill our best men and destroy and demoralize humanity. These wars are endemic because they create enormous profits and debts which are used to enslave us.

Illuminati bankers are financing the "insurgents" in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq. When will we understand that they have been waging a war on humanity for centuries?

We are being gender neutered in the same way horses are gelded, to be obedient to their owners.

We are being morally degraded, dumbed down and distracted to paralyze us. Many believe we are being poisoned by chem trails, fluoride or by drugs and foods. Certainly our minds and spirits are poisoned by the mass media.

They have unleashed a pernicious satanic conspiracy on humanity in the form of Communism in its many manifestations. Barack Obama and Elena Kagan are Communists. The Illuminati bankers are responsible for assassinating JFK, for 9-11 and probably for the Gulf of Mexico disaster. They are responsible for most of mankind's woes.

To get back on course, we need to nationalize credit and money creation. We need to nationalize banks.

Who should own the medium of exchange, a private cartel or democratic governments?

If the bankers want a new currency, give it to them, as long as it is debt and interest-free and administered by a body that represents the best interests of humanity.

Then mankind can regain its path, and begin to fulfill its amazing promise.


Note: The documentary, "Oh Canada, the Movie" brought this issue home for me

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prescious metals people.. edelmetaal
get your hands on some
"Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music"
"All our science measured against reality, is primitive and childlike - yet, in contemporary consensus, its the most precious thing we have"

Upload to

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hate to shatter your new world order programming,but there is no satan,its an invention of the catholic church-aka-nwo church,to keep you in fear,satan is sinn tan -a germanic reindeer shaman from antiquity,also known as santa,ie reindeer sleigh anyone,?sinn tan used to go down chimneys in the middle of the night,[in the legend]to steal children,he dressed in red with reindeer horns on his head,was of the spirit of the reindeer,so undo your programming-brainwashing and stop this nonsense,there is only energy,hi and lo and all inbetween,

occult practice is not satanic,it is the understanding of energy,
everytime you believe in satan/devil,you are being fooled,deceived to be frightened of an old myth,based on the shaman,who the church hated and tried to eradicate,the old religion is the real religion of god,the worship of earth.
with the power of soul,anything is possible
with the power of you,anything that you wanna do

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SATAN = Seeing Any Thing As Negative..... Doesn't that interest you?

I know where I stand in regards to religions, and I know satan, and satanism dosn't exist. Everything to do with the NWO, and everything is just a myth like nightmares to scare people away.

You guy's don't know anything about reality until you really experience it. Stop fighting the new world order, and start trying to figure out reality with your own eyes, and own thoughts. Stop relying on everyone else to tell you what's happening in this world, or the world around you.

There is a saying that "SEEING IS BELIEVING" that statement is wrong. I believe it should be "BELIEVING IS SEEING"....
Remember folks if you want to block post's from known disinfo or wacko's go to the friends and foe's section of the control panel.

In no time you won't have to sort out through all that crap they post.

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Next thing is...Who cares if they steal all of our money. Dosn't that mean everyone has no money..???

So if everyone has no money?? Then how are they going to trade??? Money will be pointless. If they have all the money, and no one else has money they have no control. There will simply be another form of trade.

So in a way that above article is a hoax.
Remember folks if you want to block post's from known disinfo or wacko's go to the friends and foe's section of the control panel.

In no time you won't have to sort out through all that crap they post.

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its not about money its about controll.
The G-20 Agreed to Strangle Us With Debt
July 7, 2010

(Angela Merkel, left)

By Daniel, in Austria

According to most media reports, the recent Toronto G20 summit was a "failure."

However, if one understands that the real goal is not to repair the economy but indeed to cripple it in order to impose a dreadful, new formula of "global governance" on mankind, then the G20 summit was a resounding success, albeit a sinister one.

What was the outcome of that weekend in late June 2010? The participating nations -- or should one say: the Politburo of the World? -- brought forth a quite substantial closing declaration, almost a treaty, defining their brutal goals as well as their time-line.

"Ever angelic" and in distant pre-1989 times, committed Marxist-Leninist, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has assumed the leading role in advancing this new formula of de-facto-communist world government, said "We are going to [stop] our economic stimulus policies, through which we used to run into even more debt, and will as industrial nations halve our new debts until 2013."

And in a second step, from 2013 to 2016, the G20 agreed to gradually reach zero new debt - which means, of course, even more "economic contraction."

But after 2016 comes the real thing: paying back all national debt, as ever with interest and compound interest!!!

The monetary magicians from whom we (as states, as companies, or as private persons) have been borrowing valueless, out-of-thin-air paper over decades and centuries, now demand "their money" this time, however, real value and real property.

As Chancellor Merkel explains that deadline of 2016: "That means that countries should then have reached balanced budgets so to take into view the reduction of the sum total of debt itself."

Mankind will get utterly strangled. And, no question, the result of this "programme" will be horrendous poverty, starvation, and death on an unimaginable scale, like all sick Hollywood doomsday movies combined, with this one single bizarre objective: the "creation" of a radically New World, with a sharply reduced population (less than 10% of present levels) and thoroughly "cleansed" of all the "superstition" and "traditional sentiment" of the old days. In other words: French Revolution plus Bolshevist Revolution revisited! -

But, don't worry, "Mutti", as the Germans call Angela Merkel, has a word of comfort: This exit strategy out of debt-financed economy stimulus policy will be "very demanding and for many certainly a big task."


As of July 6, 2010, the United States' outstanding public debt amounts to 13.2 trillion dollars. Divided by an estimated population of 308,690,000, this makes a per capita public debt only, from newborn to geriatric, of roughly $42,760.

Then add the suicidal load of private debt most Americans are struggling under, though more often self-inflicted than not, and you get the perfect foundation for ultimate enslavement. For other industrial countries the same story basically applies.

A few months ago, at the peak of the Greek fiscal crisis, the Director of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, left, was asked by one journalist how he can be so sure that the IMF will ever get back the money from insolvent Greece.

His answer, with a relaxed smile on his lips, was that so far they'd never had any problems. Why they can be confident? Because they are in the position to make sure they get what they want.


Finally, we're not only dealing with this murderously abrupt shift of paradigms from an insane culture of debt to an ultra-disciplined culture of alleged "economic truth" (that applies only for us, not for our money-lenders).

There is also the pressure from the "anthropogenic climate change" front (it's all one and the same hidden hand at work anyway) that makes things even a thousand times more absurd.

Therefore, on top of all debt reduction comes the monstrous threat of huge, whatever fictitious, carbon taxation - for which purpose the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe could well have been most cynically designed, not only to debunk the United States once and for all but also to bring everybody over to the anti-"fossil-fuel" and heavy CO2-taxation side.

It's clear they're determined to break our backbone by whatever means, and there are many. And unless they can be stopped or a miracle happens (there still rules God in Heaven), we won't recognize our world, say, in ten years' time.

In fact, our world, the world as we know it, the world we grew up into, the world that we loved and admired and traveled through, will be gone.


Postscript: Has anybody had a revelation from the Toronto-G-20 logo? A mere depiction of Toronto's huge CN Tower? Look at it again! Could this depict a bird's claw held, controlled, and thereby imprisoned by a metal ring?

For those interested, the full document of the G-20 Concluding Declaration can be read here:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

Books and web-links:

Anatoliy Golitsyn: New Lies for Old: The Communist Strategy of Deception and Disinformation; Dodd, Mead & Company, New York 1984

Anatoliy Golitsyn: The Perestroika Deception: The World's Slide towards the Second October Revolution; Edward Harle Ltd., London, New York 1995

Jan Sejna: We Will Bury You; Sidgwick & Jackson, London 1982

Yuri Bezmenov: Soviet Subversion of the Free World Press: A Conversation with Yuri Bezmenov, Former Propagandist for the KGB; 82-minute-video recorded in 1984; host: G. Edward Griffin (John Birch Society): ... 142665916#

Yuri Bezmenov (Tomas Schuman): Soviet Defector from Novosti Press, KGB Propaganda Expert; 70-minute-lecture held in 1983 at L.A.:

Sergey Petrovich Melgounov: The Red Terror in Russia [orig. 1924]; Edward Harle Ltd., London, New York 2008

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: The GULAG Archipelago 1918-1956 [orig. 1974]; Harvill Secker 2003

Robert Buchar: And Reality be Damned... - Undoing America: What media didn't tell you about the end of the Cold War and the Fall of Communism in Europe; self-published via Bertram Print on Demand, 2010; available via

Igor Panarin, Dean of the Diplomatic Academy of the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation, predicts in 2009 the collapse and disintegration of the United States in 2010 (must see!): ... re=related

Richard Wurmbrand: Tortured for Christ; Hodder Books, London 1974

Anthony Sutton: Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution [orig. 1974]; Buccaneer Books, Cutchogue NY 1993 G-20 Summit 2010 at Toronto Will Be Remembered!

Joseph D. Douglass: Red Cocaine: The Drugging of America and the West [orig. 1990]; Edward Harle Ltd., London, New York 1999

Christopher Story: The European Union Collective: Enemy of Its Member States: A Study in Russian and German Strategy to Complete Lenin's World Revolution; Edward Harle Ltd; London, New York 2002

Tom Fife: Global Elite Picked Obama (i.e. Russian communists knew of Obama as early as 1992!): ... a_171.html

Tom Fife: Interviewed at Jeff Rense Radio Show, March 2009, 41-minutes: ... 09_hr3.mp3

Tom Fife: Interviewed by J. R. Nyquist (43 minutes):


Comments for " The G-20 Agreed to Strangle Us With Debt "
SD said (July 8, 2010):

Say you have had some great articles lately !

I saw the mention of the G20 Logo...

To me it looks like lines of the masses being forced through their new "Portal of Austerity"

with only a few making it...

Here is the best alternative plan i have seen so far, our rightful place a stewards of the Garden

including the sacred trees etc and all those things which they try to keep from you, and/or destroy...

Remember it mostly the little things we disregard, like dandelions, or duckweed, that they are spending

BILLIONS to destroy and to brainwash us into destroying as their bot minions...

I saw people in Canada on hands and knees stabbing at dandelions and moss in cracks in the sidewalk...

When I asked the Ag Minister if we could round up and export Dandelion Seeds for export to feed starving kids...

Her answer was just amazing ! "Why, we are creating new generations of GM crops to feed the world !"

"And no, you can't export Dandelions in any form !" To which I replied, "Oh so let me get this straight,

You, along with Monsanto etal, are going to Experiment on the World's Kids like you experimented on your Native Kids?"

I was almost deported...

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A computer virus acts much like it would if it infected a human – it spreads throughout your system, infecting and harming everything it can.
Luckily, there is a way you can prevent that from happening in the form of a good quality antivirus program.
Whatever type of home you have I bet you have locks on the door in order to keep your valuable items in and intruders out.
You should treat your computer in much the same way, using an antivirus program to bolt up all points of entry so that you will be protected from viruses, Trojans, spyware and other forms of malware.
There are a huge number of security companies offering antivirus programs these days and some are better than others. I use Kaspersky and I'm very satisfied about it: ... y-7.0.html

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