Barry George Loses Compensation Case.

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Barry George, wrongly convicted of the murder of BBC TV presenter Jill Dando, has lost a bid for compensation.

Two High Court judges ruled he failed to meet the test which would entitle him to compensation.

Full Story:

Here's my tuppence worth.

Jill Dando was a journalist, news reader, Tv presenter, she presented 'Crimewatch U.K. from 1995 until her 'execution style' death in April 1999.

Barry George was accused of her murder on flimsy evidence, he was convicted of her murder and spent eight years in prison before being found innocent in a retrial. Since then he has attempted to gain compensation for his wrongful imprisonment.

From day one on this I said that this man was innocent, his background shows him as a bit of a weirdo, hoarder and a man who lives in a world of fantasy.

Jill Dando's murder was clearly a contract killing. Frankly, Barry George was incapable of carrying out this job.

There was one man in the news at the time who Jill Dando reported about on Crimewatch, a very powerful underworld figure with a BIG grudge. That's all I'm prepared to say on that.

My point is, they lock up a simpleton like Barry George, later decide it was'nt him and then decide he does'nt get a penny compensation because he does'nt make the right credentials of innocence to qualify for a payout. Wtf?

So they can lock up innocent people, later admit they were wrong to do so and then crawl their way out of paying compensation to the guy?

So wrong.


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