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Be a devil--------Zumba Fitness

I love it. After years of sitting on the couch saying "I really need to exercise" I have found something I want to do. The problem is deciding which routine to do. People who have taken the zumba classes may find these too easy, but for me they are great. I still can't do all the fast steps, but I get a good workout even when I use a slower pace.
I was only able to do 10 minutes the first time, but now zumba for 30-40 minutes almost every day. You can adapt these for the beginner by slowing the pace and not doing all the extra hip movements. Eventually I will get every step and wiggle in. For now I laugh and have a good time doing what I can.
Watch a clip on U-tube if it looks like fun to you, give it a try. I love it.

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Thanks for the viral. End of line.
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