Beyond 9/11: Top Secret America

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Beyond 9/11: Top Secret America

Dana Priest is a famous American journalist who started an investigation into secret locations in the U.S.. She worked while along with William M. Arkin, a researcher who can deal well with the Internet. They found that across the U.S. secret sites are resurrected, where 850,000 people are employed. This espionage work for the government's Top Secret!

Their articles appeared in the Washington Post under the title "Top Secret America". At approximately 10,000 locations in the 1271 U.S. government agencies and private companies engaged in 1931 homeland security, the fight against terrorism and the gathering of information. They tap telephone and e-mail away, they follow traffic patterns and bank accounts (including Google and YouTube), and so on. They all work in secret, so they often double work. They are totally uncontrollable, although they are paid from tax money.


From the moment those articles appeared, there have been several media attention. In October, PBS broadcast a long documentary about the secret organization of the military industrial complex in the U.S.. This is a preview:

Sneak Peek: Inside "America Top Secret" | PBS


Amy Goodman of Democracy Now has a long interview with William Arkin.


Alex Jones speaks with financial reporter Max Keiser about Top Secret America and the further consequences. In this interview, Alex Jones spoke of the documentary: The Obama Deception. YouTube and Google Video and YouTube this documentary has a paid version, whereas Alex Jones has all the rights and distribute it for free. All this is part of the information war. BOUblog these documents was also gone, but I've replaced the link, so he does it again!

other 6 parts



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