Biblical Prophecy "Start of World War 3 Begins With Egypt"

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eliakim wrote:Well there have been so many prophecies fulfilled it is hard to choose which one would be the best to provide you with.

What would you like OT prophecies or the prophecies of Christ? Then we have the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Essene teachings of the elect.

What's current?

The appointed time that came in 2010 and its related prophecies to do with the Middle East is probably the most appropriate for this thread. Then of course we have Obama in Rev 13, Rev 17 and 18 is also about the USA.

Also current is Matthew 10 and my arrest. Christ predicted that when our people were being arrested the Son of Man would come. The Son of Man is a term of endearment for a prophet. He also called me the Queen of the South and told Israel that the only sign that they would receive would be the sign of Jonah. The whale turned up in Israel in May 2010 as predicted.

You consider these your best? lol
The ramblings of a deluded narcissistic old lady is more like it.
If you weren't so arrogant I'd pity you.

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PostTue Nov 22, 2011 6:29 pm » by Savwafair2012

UPDATE 11/22/11

Upload to ... 46183.html

Egyptian protesters struggle to throw off army rule

CAIRO (Reuters) - Egyptians frustrated with military rule battled police in the streets again on Tuesday as the generals scrambled to cope with the cabinet's proffered resignation after bloodshed that has jolted plans for Egypt's first free election in decades.

In a stinging verdict on nine months of army control, London-based rights group Amnesty International accused the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) of brutality sometimes exceeding that of former President Hosni Mubarak.

Thousands of people defied tear gas wafting across Cairo's Tahrir Square, the hub of protests swelling since Friday into the gravest challenge yet to the generals who replaced Mubarak and who seem reluctant to relinquish their power and privilege.

Protesters in Tahrir carried an open coffin containing the white-shrouded body of one of the 36 people killed so far.

The army council, headed by a 76-year-old field marshal who served as Mubarak's defence minister for two decades, held talks with politicians on the crisis, in which at least 36 people have been killed and more than 1,250 wounded, medical officials say.

Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi would address the nation later in the day, state television said.

The United States, which gives Egypt's military $1.3 billion a year in aid, has called for restraint on all sides and urged Egypt to proceed with elections due to start on Monday despite the violence, a stance broadly echoed by many European leaders.

Protesters waving flags and singing skirmished with security forces in and around Tahrir Square, where banners read "Save Egypt from thieves and the military". As pungent clouds of tear gas set off stampedes, activists chanted "Stay, stay, stay".

Youth groups have called for a mass turnout later in the day to press demands for the military to give way to civilian rule now, rather than according to its own ponderous timetable, which could keep it in power until late 2012 or early 2013.


"Come to Tahrir, tomorrow we will overthrow the field marshal!" youthful protesters chanted, referring to Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, the army commander.

Tantawi and his colleagues will not formally accept the resignation of Prime Minister Essam Sharaf's government until they have agreed on a new premier, an army source said.

It was not clear if the army would try to replace the whole cabinet -- a tough challenge with polling only days away -- or just ditch the unpopular interior and information ministers.

The army council has vowed to proceed with the parliamentary election due to start on Monday, but the bloody chaos in the heart of Cairo and elsewhere has thrown plans into disarray.

The powerful Muslim Brotherhood, which anticipates a strong showing in the election, was among five parties at the crisis talks with the military council. Three presidential candidates were also there, but a fourth, Mohamed ElBaradei, stayed away.

Upload to

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PostTue Mar 27, 2012 7:10 pm » by Savwafair2012


BREAKING: Intense Fighting Erupts on Egypt / Israel Border. At least one Israeli Soldier Killed.

MAAN news agency says that the israeli soldier got killed inside the egyptian territories!/GazaYBO

BREAKING; #ISRAEL - #EGYPT; An Israeli soldier has just been killed in intense clashes on Egyptian-Israeli border, many injured


26m @olfashdeb‏@olfashdeb

@OhSweetArabia so much for another promise from #Assad . And we watch it all happen in 3 D living color every single day. And do nothing els

Retweeted by Murad Merali
In reply to Murad Merali

30m Murad Merali‏@OhSweetArabia

BREAKING; #SYRIA; In #Quasir, several people are fleeing villages amid heavy shelling from Assads forces. #Homs

31m Murad Merali‏@OhSweetArabia

BREAKING; #SYRIA; Heavy fire in the village of Tel Shor #Homs, by the bridge, intensive gunfire going off

32m Murad Merali‏@OhSweetArabia

THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW; Assads reinforcements including 40+ tanks and several troops have just arrived in Abu Kamal, SHIT. #Syria

37m Murad Merali‏@OhSweetArabia

BREAKING; #SYRIA; #homs is under heavy attack RIGHT NOW, in #Bayada, 3 mortar shells, heavy shooting, houses destroyed, 6 wounded

44m Murad Merali‏@OhSweetArabia

@Reemo_xo I've bumped into many arab dictator supporters on twitter, your not the first, I know how you lot act, delusional, your BLOCKED.

In reply to Reema

45m Murad Merali‏@OhSweetArabia

@Reemo_xo i'm not fooling anybody. I am with Syrian people. Every dedicated Arab is, don't speak nonsense

In reply to Reema

47m Murad Merali‏@OhSweetArabia

@Reemo_xo HAH, just cause your syrian you decide the fate of your country? Hilarious, there are 24 arab countries, we're in this together.

In reply to Reema

48m Murad Merali‏@OhSweetArabia

THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW; In #Idlib today Assads forces executed 23 people in a field in Saraqeb, sickening. #Syria

49m Murad Merali‏@OhSweetArabia

@Nirvashni88 that was just propaganda, the city is being shelled right now

In reply to Nirvashni Moodley

50m Murad Merali‏@OhSweetArabia

@Reemo_xo and of course its not justs Assads forces, regime thugs are involved in it as well.

In reply to Reema

50m Murad Merali‏@OhSweetArabia

@Reemo_xo our argument can go on forever, you will never under my point of view. Video, photos, etc. There enough evidence to prove u wrong

In reply to Reema

52m Murad Merali‏@OhSweetArabia

@Reemo_xo define the word jihad? It doesn't mean "fight" or "kill people". Please do research, oh dear lord.

In reply to Reema

53m Murad Merali‏@OhSweetArabia

BREAKING; #SYRIA; I can confirm the #FSA in #DeirEzzor killed everyone inside a tank belonging to Assad, clashes still ongoing

54m Murad Merali‏@OhSweetArabia

@Reemo_xo As a fellow Arab, and muslim. I don't wish to argue with you anymore. Ur just another Mubarak, Saleh, Hamad & Gadaffi supporter.

In reply to Reema

55m Murad Merali‏@OhSweetArabia

@Reemo_xo ofcourse soldiers will die if they are battling #FSA! You are misled. My friends in Syria have seen Assads forces killing ppl.

In reply to Reema

58m Murad Merali‏@OhSweetArabia

@Reemo_xo Ironic how you say you know the ins & outs of your country, So you content with the 11,000+ deaths? You just mislead, thats all.

In reply to Reema

1h Murad Merali‏@OhSweetArabia

BREAKING; #ISRAEL - #EGYPT; 2 soldiers now killed from Egypt - Israel border, intense clashes going on, 1 of soldiers who died is Israeli

Murad Merali‏@OhSweetArabiaReply

· Open

@Reemo_xo are you an Assad supporter? Do you believe what the FSA is doing is wrong?

In reply to Reema

1h Murad Merali‏@OhSweetArabia!/OhSweetArabia
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PostWed Sep 26, 2012 5:00 pm » by Savwafair2012

Sometimes you just have to wonder. :think:

Has it all been done before?

Is this world really just a stage and therefore are we just the preformers.

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