Big Pharma uses insiders to Influence IBM's Algorithym Proj

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I dont know if any one here knows first hand how dangerous Risperdal there is a new system being created by IBM that seeks to create an A.I. based interpretive diagnosis program, that is going to be programmed with the latest "sciences" for "quicker" diagnoses from doctors who are planning to buy into the system being developed by IBM, and is the only pioneer in this industry........ ... point.html

........there is also a large group that is attempting to use doctors to represent their pharmaceutical interests in Texas and is being called the Texas Medication Algorithm Project....this group is under investigation for attempting to defraud the state's medicaid system by the tone of $579 million dollars!!!! ... ted-82741/

This form of group is a special interest lobby group, obviously intending to harness the opportunity to corrupt these medical analysis tools, to spit out their intended drug treatments of choice for many who aren't even suffering from legitimate debilitating illnesses, as the trial information shows.

I would say that there are going to be an increased number of deaths and other painful side effects from these harmful misdiagnoses being introduced into a systemization that is designed to increase the capacity of a doctor to diagnose and treat more patients.

What gets me is that they will be charging you by the hour anyway, even though they will be pumping dozens of people per hour through this system, that is supposed to give answers to medical problems by narrowing down the possibilities of diseases through input of symptoms into a computer program within seconds.

This is madness, seeing that there is so much corruption in the industry already....why make it that much easier to fuck it all up???? :mrcool:
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