Bigfoot Trackers, Videos & Vocalisations.

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PostTue Oct 08, 2013 8:29 pm » by DarkHeart

There are a few people out there trying to privately prove the existence of Bigfoot, by attempting to gain their confidence & establish confidence..

Yeah it could be crappola, but just maybe ??? There has to be something to the legends, esp as they are just about all over the world.

This guy has some great footage, if he's acting he deserves an oscar..; (hes disabled embed), hes got more on his channel;

Then there is this guy who has been building bonds over quite a period using a tent in a fixed place, he has been vocally communicating with them, teaching them some words over time, dudes either a fearless genius or hes found some hillbilly retards....

This is his latest

Upload to

Published on 6 Oct 2013

This may be the first capture of a sasquatch singing a song.

Is this a sasquatch song of antiquity?

Also shown are comparison shots of the same location where a sasquatch (Nephatia?) was photographed on April 13th 2013.
Another photo will be done at a future visit with myself standing in place for size comparison.

Continued progression with each visit showing consistent results that sasquatch are benevolent people. One step at a time.

A species showing high intelligence, benevolence, having names and speaking language. Sasquatch are not animals. It's inexcusable to harm even one of them.

Check out his channel, hes got footprint casts, objects made from twigs vocalisations & the usual is it-isn't it shapes behind trees, the more you watch the more he seems sincere &the picture of a lost human relative appears;

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