Bilderberg 2012 - The Nazi background & their agenda

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Bilderberg 2012 - The Nazi background & their agenda

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Illuminati & Agenda 666 is a new YouTube project and a playlist with new material that will be added on a regular basis.

When the military get control over a country's food and water supply, it can and will win ANY war, without firing a single shot.

Part 1 is really just made as a kind of online presentation of my self as a person, a small picture of who I am in order for people to understand my background for doing what I do here on YouTube.

If you have any viewpoints you would like me to explore here or any questions at all, feel free to post them here, or at my forum.

Thank you all for helping me spread the word, by sending the link(s) to everyone you can.


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Subject of this part:

Bilderberg is on record a Nazi lodge created by the
royal SS elite in 1954 (after their fake public
Nürnberg trial) in order to promote 2 things:

1) Massive population reduction world wide
(down to under 500 million by military force)

in order to move forward to their main goal:

aka a privately owned global UN dictatorship runned
by a private global military force called NATO

Bilderberg doesn't just run NATO: They created it,
they funded it with our tax money so in other words:



With that in mind, lets take a look at what the elite
want YOU to worry about

- because it certainly isn't them . . .


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