bio diesel for when the shtf

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Introduction to biodiesel
Biodiesel is a fuel produced from plants; when we say plants, at Diesel Dan our biodiesel if made from vegetable oils that are produced from oilseed rape.
Biodiesel has two fantastic advantages; it’s both cheaper and cleaner than conventional diesel.
Biodiesel can also be used in most diesel vehicles without having to make any modifications so you can start saving money and the planet without having to splash out.
Biodiesel – the leading alternative fuel
Biodiesel is the leading viable alternative to conventional diesel rather than a complete substitution.
Estimates have shown that around 10% of conventional diesel usage within the E.U. could be replaced by biodiesel.
The future of alternative fuel sources is being heavily invested in and biodiesel is sure to have a big part to play alongside other technologies.
Biodiesel properties
Biodiesel has natural advantages for its development in comparison with diesel fuel.
• High cetane index
• Almost complete lack of sulphur
• Significantly higher lubricating capability
• Built-in oxygen proportion of around 11%
Take the savvy approach to running your vehicle – save money and help save the planet at the same time!

here's a tip for dino diesel users add some 2 stroke oil to your tank as it aides lubrication to the pump and is even recommended by Mercedes

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