Bloodline - Full Documentary Jesus

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“Bloodline – The Movie”, the controversial documentary that rocked this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

Chronicling a three-year investigation by British filmmaker Bruce Burgess and his American producing partner Rene Barnett, “Bloodline” follows the pair as they uncover evidence sure to re-ignite the debate that Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene married and had children. Taking a close look into the secret society Priory of Sion, believed to have protected the truth about Jesus’ bloodline for centuries, the film raises questions that will have people talking long after they’ve left the theatre.

Did Mary Magdalene really remove Jesus’ body instead of his being resurrected as believed for centuries?

Did the Knight of Templar hide the body three separate times finally laying him to rest in France?

Is the shrouded corpse that was discovered with treasures in a French cave really that of Jesus Christ? “Bloodline” answers these and more while raising some new queries altogether.

(Actuall all the above a proved without a doubt !)

debates nationwide.”

“Move over Harrison Ford, this incredible adventure is the real ‘Indiana Jones’”, proclaims Fox News, while WENN calls the documentary “Riveting…the year’s must talk-about film.”

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"That's A Full Documentary."

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Jesus didn't have a wife, Sam Kinison has already debunked this one............

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yeh, why would a traditional jew like jesus do what traditional jews do and have a wife i ask???
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