Boris Johnson opposes McKinnon extradition

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>>>Boris Johnson opposes McKinnon extradition
1 hour 11 mins ago
VNU Net Phil Muncaster
London mayor Boris Johnson has called on US president Barack Obama to call off his government's seven-year quest to extradite Nasa hacker Gary McKinnon.
In his column in The Daily Telegrap, Johnson called the move "neocon lunacy", and said that the 43-year old Londoner who hacked into Pentagon and Nasa systems is no threat to American security.
"The British government is obviously too feeble to help Mr McKinnon and, even though the courts last week granted him another review, it is plain that the matter will simply drag preposterously and expensively on," wrote Johnson.
"It is time for the commander-in-chief to tell the US military to stop being so utterly wet, dry their eyes, and invest in some passwords that are slightly more difficult to crack."
Johnson also argued that the "legal nightmare" could continue indefinitely at taxpayers' expense if Obama does not step in.
McKinnon, who could face 70 years in a maximum security jail if extradited and found guilty, has not denied hacking into the military systems, but has always maintained that he was motivated only by a desire to find evidence of extra-terrestrial life.
The case against him was postponed last week while Keir Starmer, the director of public prosecutions, reviews the case.
McKinnon's lawyers are hoping that he can be tried under the UK's Computer Misuse Act, and wants his Asperger's diagnosis to be taken into consideration.<<
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I honestly used to think Boris Johnson was a political comedian, he was always on political comedy shows and such - then he gets made the mayor of London :lol: this is a perfect example of what people think of politics in this country.
Glad to hear hes made a stand on this though, i dont think he should be extradited well not withought a trial anyway - he has done wrong but yer not gettin him untill hes been through the courts.
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I have to agree with you Towlie. The more I observe Borris (like a stalker) the less I dislike him (all politicians start at dislike). He actually seems more human than most of the rest.
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