BP, Bilderberg, Goldman Sachs, Rockefeller..??

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Donno if this was posted before...

‘Is the media being suppressed in the Gulf of Mexico Oil disaster?’

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You be the judge after you hear this.
After 2 months into the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico the New York Times ran this headline and I quote:

‘Efforts To Limit The Flow Of Spill News’

In fact the fast majority of available news has been provided by exclusively by either BP or by the federal government. Legitimate investigative journalists are being routinely turned away from the area.

Now here is a part of the story that you never hear in the press.
You already know about The Trilateral Commission’s undue influence in the Obama administration.

But what about BP? Well for starters Trilateral Steve Coonen is chief scientist for BP in London.

Iain Conn biography is a member of BP’s board of directors and also a member of The Commission.

Most famously commissioner Peter Sutherland was chairman of the board of BP until January 1 of this year. Sutherland is the European chairman of The Trilateral Commission and also not incidentally the chairman of Goldman Sachs International.

Over the years a significant portion of Rockefeller family oil interests were absorbed by BP. Including Standard Oil of Indiana, Standard Oil of Ohio and Atlantic Petroleum or ARCO. It was David Rockefeller who co founded the Trilateral Commission in 1973 with Zbigniew Brzezinski after they floated the idea at the 1972 Bilderberg meeting in Europe.

It wouldn’t surprise you then that four of BP’s top executive leadership currently attend the same globalist and secretive Bilderberg meetings that have been pushing for a New World Order. What a story. Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commissioner’s, Rockefeller’s, it is a small world after all.

However these are people who certainly understand how to silence the press as they generally have hidden their meetings and their globalist plans from journalist’s and scrutiny for decades. In my opinion the suppression of open media coverage in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill has their global elite fingerprints all over it.”

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