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Brazil has the right idea check it out

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PostSat Jan 15, 2011 5:21 pm » by Fossitt

Brazil passes new law to ensure all pilot UFO reports are made public
Brazil is making great strides towards Ufo disclosure with its government recently passing a law that enforces disclosure from Airforce pilots – making all Ufo reports made by them back up to 1952 all released to the public :

A decree published today by the Air Force regulates access to government information about UFOs, unidentified flying objects.

“After due cataloging, these records should be sent to the Centre for Documentation and Historical Air Force who, in turn, will forward the documents to the collection of the National Archives, giving the company access to this documentation,” the Air Force.

According to the ordinance, the accounts of users of services of air traffic control must be made on proper forms and delivered regularly to the documentation center said.

Today, the National Archives has in its custody UFO reports, photographs and drawings assembled by the government between 1952 and 1989.

In total there are 1562 pages of documents dealing with such lights and unidentified objects in the heavens.

The papers show, including the official participation of government investigations of luminous objects known.

The Folha report published last year showed excerpts of reports “confidential” the NIS (National Intelligence Service), then organ spy Brazilian military dictatorship (1964-1985). “The shape of the object was cylindrical, almost conical,” one of reporting.

“One resolution published today by the Aeronautics regulates the access to information from the government on Ufos, non-identified flying objects. “After formal cataloging, such registers must be sent to the Center of Documentation and the Aeronautic`s archives that, in turn, will direct the originals to the National Archive, offering to the society access to this documentation” , informed the Aeronautics.”

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