brazilian shape shifter?

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PostWed Jul 04, 2012 6:31 am » by syvenn

so i found this video about a half a year ago. I discussed it with a few of my paranormal buddies, and they say its pretty wild. So upon finding this website (thank god) I can finally put this up to discuss it. I did search through the boards this might most apply to (crypo, paranormal, and this one) and didnt find anything, but of course I could have missed something, so I do sincerely apologize if you guys already saw it.

anyways, bit of history on the video. couple transvestite women were doing a protest on the side of the road, one of them gets run over. thats the entire point of these videos. thats not where my focus is however....

Upload to

pretty good quality video of what ive seen.

if you go to :04 seconds, pay attention to the last girl on the left, wearing (i think) yellow top and some type of shorts. watch to about :09-:10 seconds, and i shit you not its a different person. one of my guys debated that she just bent over or something. No way! Look at that! Skin tone is different, hair is different, clothes are different!! and the girl shes standing next to? shes motionless practically, almost like shes hypnotized (one of the guys i talked to pointed that out.) Sure she doesn't move around too much, but its almost like shes standing stiff. My thought was she was just standing still to avoid running over...

its weird right? just use google to search brazilian transvestite run over, its like that in every video.

so whats the verdict? shape shifter? or did she really just bend over?

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PostWed Jul 04, 2012 7:02 am » by Willease

Upload to

Are you friends with Pindz?

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PostThu Jul 05, 2012 10:47 pm » by syvenn

willease666 wrote:Are you friends with Pindz?

fraid not. sorry.

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