Breaking AMAZING News caster tells people,goverment satanist

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PostSun Jul 03, 2011 1:53 am » by Spock

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chronicnerd wrote:Ok guys,

Before you throw things at me... I would like to say that I considered myself Republican in the 90's...and then realized that neither left nor right parties were making much sense around 2006 to today. So, while I consider myself more conservative due to my beliefs in economics, capitalistic ideologies with realistic restraints/regulation, and the continual improvement upon our understanding of what it is that "defines America" regarding our policies of the past and the desire for some form of change in the modifications to our fundamental policies/laws.

The star and the elephant... this is a good one...and could very well be "satanic". Here are a list of problems with this theory that I will leave up to you to decide if it was truly the "Republicans" or the "Media" who did this.

First off, let's address the color that was defined by the media as being "Republican".
After the 2000 election, the color red became associated with the GOP, although the party has not officially adopted it. That election night, for the first time, all of the major broadcast networks used the same color scheme for the electoral map: states won by Republican nominee George W. Bush were colored red, and states won by Democratic nominee Al Gore were colored blue. Although the assignment of colors to political parties is unofficial and informal, they have come to be widely recognized by the media to represent the respective political parties (see Political color and Red states and blue states for more details).


This shows us that the ~media~ chose the Red color for the republican party. What issues are there with the color red?
Russia and China's flags are both red, the Nazi flag was predominantly red, red has been known to invoke anger or negative emotions from people. The research studies on colors have been done by media groups for quite sometime now:

Red has been always a "negative" color for increases the heart rate, invokes emotional response, and we are constantly resenting the color while having to stop at a light, sign, or the like... we associate it with fire...pain...and many other things.

This ~switch~ of color was not something the GOP/Republican party did...but was something the *media* did around the year 2000... so you need to remember...the first thing that changed was the color of the party that was done through news stations like:
Fox followed suit with them during the election due to the other media sources following this pattern.

Now let's think about our country a bit from a history perspective... who was the group that many of the founding fathers were part of?
The freemasons... and what is their symbol?

The pentagram has not always been considered "Evil", however there have been some cults and historic use of such things as well as there were more modern day interpretations of the pentagram being used upside down.

However, due to some Judaic based beliefs installed in people and records awhile back, the upside down pentagram became a "symbol" of evil, and since then it has really stuck.
Pagans aren't all "Satanists", but have been tied to the use of "Pagan" for those of a civilization that do not believe in the Judaic way (or any derivation of it).

We know the bush family is tied to the freemason group because we know the freemason group has ties into the "Skulls"... which are all based on rituals that extend beyond that of the religious boundaries in order to preserve a form of "order" towards the growth of knowledge and human existence.

A “point down” pentacle is nothing new- nor is it necessarily Satanic when it appears as such. Historical depictions of the pentagram were as likely to be points down as point up- a distinction between one or the other was rarely made by the ancients. Even today, one must not assume a point down pentagram is Satanic, as it is just likely to be Masonic, Wiccan, or simply upside-down. Some inexperienced Wiccans will occasionally claim that a point down pentacle is Satanic, but such a symbol has at times represented the Wiccan horned God, and is still today an emblem of the Second Degree initiation in Gardnerian Wicca.


So, while I would like to take a side... and say it is or is not satanist...that really isn't my place nor do I have the need to defend the Republican party. However, I do want to point out that an upside down star/pentagram does not always reflect a "negative" symbolic concept. An example would most definitely be the Masons' use of this symbol are tied to very positive oriented concepts and are nothing more than a Pythagorean reference with a bit of Judaic reference...

The Torah talks of the "Tree of Life" which is a Judaic symbol... which happens to have an upside down pentagram in it as well:
The upper portion of the tree forms an upside down pentagram... does this make them satanic?

Well, this is obviously your choice... but I am pretty sure if you look around this country... heck look at your money... you will find freemason symbology everywhere...and is a form of saying "The freemasons are here and keeping the 'secret knowledge' alive and well amongst its people".

There might or might not being other hidden meanings...however the final thing to note is that the Freemason group actually has been around pre-christian in the whole association with an upside down pentagram being "satanic" happened *after* their greek based symbology had long since been integrated into their meetings and rituals. So, the use of the pentagram as a Mason...has zero relationship to the more modern understanding of the "satanist" link to the upside down pentagram...

My feeling is that these changes were strictly "Freemason" oriented (all modern day masons that are in office are on the GOP/Tea side of the fence...back in 2000 they were all within the republican party)... and as such nothing more than that.

The more important issues regarding "satanism" are:
Satanists strive to go against "christian" based morals and beliefs...
Many republicans are Christian... as a matter of fact?

Regarding Bush, he did attend church...not every weekend...but very often... as well he integrated Christian language/use into his speeches...

The other question you should ask from the above article is:
Why are predominantly left wing democratic/progressive members trying to systematically remove all Christian references from public places and less likely to be of a "Christian Mind Set"?

Finally, we have a president who obviously is not Christian...has attended church like twice since in office...and during his term has removed more Christian based references and enforced more Christian language censorship from public speeches than any other U.S. President to date...

So... the facts are all out on the table... it is up to you to figure out what it is you believe is the truth...

Around conservatives I sound like a liberal, and around liberals I sound like a conservative.

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PostSun Jul 03, 2011 2:56 am » by SonOfGodEternalFlame
These are satanist watch the whole video because they say who
they recruit


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