Breaking: Another amazing ufo event! (takes out a missle)

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PostFri Apr 22, 2011 4:27 am » by Realorfake

viggz wrote:them 3 objects shining on the first vid is the casing spinning as it came off and flashing in the light

Yes... this is a 3 stage minotaur rocket used to put satellites in orbit... this is the exact same type of rocket i posted in the original Breaking: insane ufo vid thread except the camera is closer to the rocket launch hence the overhead view...

fyi - the colors appear dramatic because the rocket exhaust passes through the sunset zone in the earths atmosphere, hence the brilliant colors... the end result of course is a white reflection as our sun is white light and the atmosphere no longer taints the suns light... if this launch had occurred in the middle of the night like say around 3 am you would see none of this and only the rockets booster before it phased out...

fyi the sun is yellow to human eyes standing on earth because of the day atmosphere... in orbit above the earth the suns color is PURE WHITE as its light is observed unobstructed...
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PostFri Apr 22, 2011 4:35 am » by The57ironman

video of the sun from the space station

as i say in the welding shop......look at the pretty light.....

Upload to


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