Breaking News Two hours after the journalist that destroyed

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PostWed Jun 26, 2013 6:46 am » by Seahawk

Seahawk wrote:Interesting to see some of tyt go into conspiracy mode. This one's a better then usual (from tyt) conversation.

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thanx 4 that SHAWK, blue collars hav been waking up 4 years now, and more white collar (took em a while) catchin on to the big picture aswell.

ive brought it up befor in this topic about his car possibly being new, maybe some one here can confirm that it were a new car, and if he had in fact ordered the car from a dealership where he might hav had to wait days or weeks for delivery.
if he had to wait for delivery then that would provide someone with opportunity to tamper with the car befor he took ownership. i said all this in my last post here.
the eyewitness said he saw sparks and flashes or something like that coming from the car befor it even crashed, and it were obvious he were speeding when he went through the red light and he continued to travel at high speed for several more minutes befor crashing and EXPLODING, look at the debri all over the place.
its possible for all of us to speed a little over but to drive through red lights and to be traveling at those speeds, which apparently were out of character for him in the first place, tells me he either didnt hav control of the car, because someone else did, or he were shit scared and were running from someone.

Yeah, Rob. I know what you mean. We know that the tech is there for remote control of the car- even down to the door locks- supposedly. Considering all the odd things about this "accident," it definitely seems feasible- at least.

I was thinking drone explosive of some kind. When I first saw the vid of him speeding by that reporters car, and running the red light, I was waiting for another vehicle to come following after him. When it didn't, I thought... drone. From the damage, you could easily believe that there was some kind of explosive used. Who knows? If there was, it was covered up- in this case, literally. (with a white sheet.) There were a few firsts in that one. I had never seen the use of a sheet before- to cover the engine compartment. What could they possibly have been covering up??? They certainly must have taken the body out by then. Maybe missile remnants? :think: Another was the engine flying out, 150 feet from the crash site. Never saw that happen before.

Another odd thing was, if the fuel from the gas tank is what caused the explosion- as they are saying- then why is the gas tank sitting on the ground- unexploded, and looking new- at the rear of the car, and why is it that the engine is 50 yards away??? :headscratch: So many things about this just don't add up- at least they don't add up to the official story.

Anyway, doubt we'll find out any time soon.

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PostWed Aug 14, 2013 6:43 pm » by Malogg

Rolling Stone To Publish Michael Hastings Last Story On CIA Director Brennan (Video)


By Susan Duclos

According to the video below, the Rolling Stone will be publishing the last story Michael Hastings was working on before his sudden death, the focus of which was on CIA Director John Brennan. The report is set to be published posthumously by Rolling Stone Magazine within the next two weeks

This week Elise Jordan, wife journalist Michael Hastings, who recently died under suspicious circumstances, corroborated treports that CIA Director, John Brennan was Hastings next exposé project.

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PostSat Sep 14, 2013 11:14 pm » by Opalserpent ... cars-ever/

We getting cheap fords here with self steering lane guidance.

Julian assange would not want one of these if he was ever able to be free from his virtual prison.

Lane Guidance
The next most impressive technology in the Kuga is it’s lane guidance assist. When enabled, this keeps drivers between the while lines. While testing the feature I needed to simulate a driver falling asleep, I intentionally veered towards the centre line. The assist kicked in and began steering for me. At one point I took my hands off the wheel (I don’t recommend this) but it did allow me to see the computer controlled brilliance at work, turning the steering wheel for me and getting me back on track.

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