Breaking: The Lost God

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PostSat Mar 10, 2012 11:57 pm » by Dukettt


This one looks little wonky to me.
Anyone with image forensic skills around?
canubis wrote:
a hill goes up not digs itself into a grave newbie.. lol i made the word LOL in 95 on ms CHAT orels ill be saying ROFLMAO fkn n00b

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PostSun Mar 11, 2012 2:12 am » by The57ironman

Collapse is a series of events that sometimes span years.
Each event increases in volatility over the last event,
but as time goes on these events tend to condition the masses.

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PostSun Mar 11, 2012 4:06 am » by 2barr

I now remember this very same pic's from another site years ago. My memory tells me it was a stage prop for a movie way back in the late 80's to mid 90's.
Sorry it took me so long to remember...but it looks like the same photo.
Still Unsolved for now.

Oh and I think it was made out of foam
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PostSun Mar 11, 2012 4:08 am » by Newearthman

It's the latest meme :hmmm:

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PostMon Mar 12, 2012 8:07 pm » by Hibernate1908


Upload to

Cairo / Basel - What on earth is THAT? In the photo we see a giant scary finger. You will recognize it almost immediately, but still have to look twice. Choppy appears to be the bone. As if by a hatchet. And very, very old. Mummified. In some places crumbled. Torn, leathery skin. A split, loose nails. Yes, indeed, the gruesome relic seems to be a finger. But huge, 38 inches long. What is the secret behind it? tells the captivating story of a strange find in Egypt.

Very few people have gotten the finger ever seen photos that were taken in 1988 in the land of pharaohs and pyramids. it shows for the first time and exclusively in Germany.

The photographer Gregory Spoerri (56) is a well-known disco entrepreneur from Basel in Switzerland. His empire included the "Mad Max", a cult-shop, where the celebrated stars of FC Basel, as well as David Beckham and Stephanie of Monaco. His second passion has changed his life: Egypt!

On the last day of his private investigator, he was given leave in 1988 to contact an old man from a grave robber dynasty. About 100 kilometers northeast of Cairo, the meeting took place in a farm house in Bir Hooker. Against $ 300 Spörri could take a look at the family treasure of unsold grave robber.

Wrapped in old rags was the bone and dermis. Spörri to "It was an oblong package, smelled musty. I was totally flabbergasted when I saw the dark brown relic was allowed to take it in hand and also take pictures, a bill put next to it to get a size comparison. "The bent finger was split open and covered with dried mold. "It was surprisingly easy, maybe a few hundred grams My heart was up to his neck. That was incredible. In size to a matching body should have been about five feet tall ... "

The grave robber showed the Swiss also have a certificate of authenticity and an X-ray image. Both are from the 60s. "The grave robber implored all in the name of Allah. To sell but the finger was not. He appeared to him and his family to be much too important ... "

Today Spörri regretted that he was then only with the photos flew home. For years he occupied the Fund. Scientists were not interested in the Fund, which should be impossible. "The Relic not fit into their theories," says the discoverer He did not want to make a mockery of the experts, let the story rest. It was not until 2009, he went back to the search for the ancient Arabs and the relic. But the traces in Bir Hooker had come to nothing ...

Spoerri worked intensively with the relic, read myths about giants, are also smuggled back into the pyramids of Giza , among which are huge but unfinished sarcophagi, far too big for people ...

Were there giants in Egypt? The Roman historian Flavius ​​Josephus reported in 79 AD by such beings in the history of the Jewish War, "There were giants. Much larger and shaped differently than normal people. Terrible to behold. Who has not seen it with my own eyes, can not believe that they have been so immense. "

All theory. Fact: The bones found still missing. "Disco King" Spoerri decided in 2008 to a new life, gave up his profession, the puzzling discovery processed in his now published book "The Lost God. Day of Doom, "a mystery thriller in which showed the relic and a fictional story is told to solve the mystery of the supposedly well. The reality is different: "I am not a scientist," the author says honestly. "I've installed the relic in the novel, it deliberately evading the scholarship. The reader should now look at the thing itself and form their own opinion. "

Perhaps there is still a new track soon the horror finger. And experts who want to investigate the story and solve the mystery of Bir Hooker ...

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PostMon Mar 12, 2012 8:08 pm » by domdabears

I'll let marduk merge this one.

It's gotta be the 7th time this has been posted.

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PostMon Mar 12, 2012 8:18 pm » by Willease

domdabears wrote:I'll let marduk merge this one.

It's gotta be the 7th time this has been posted.

Three times so far!

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PostMon Mar 12, 2012 9:03 pm » by Cwmman

imagine the size of the nose it would have to go up :think:
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PostMon Mar 12, 2012 9:23 pm » by Torofamily

upon further research you will discover that thats not his finger at all but another body part.....the truth is out there happy hunting
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PostMon Mar 12, 2012 9:25 pm » by Slith

cwmman wrote:imagine the size of the nose it would have to go up :think:

I wasn't thinkin nose. lolz


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