BREAKING: UFO lands on Highway in Barstow, CA 12/12/09

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I wonder if the ufo filmed in tracy flew over lawrence livermore lab ?
I know alot of people who work at the lab, i'll check it out in the morning

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A second case of a UFO landing in Texas with multiple "beings" on the ground has been reported to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) sightings database.

MUFON Case # 21000 was reported on December 15, for a sighting on December 5, 2009. The first sighting was reported here as UFO lands in Texas, two 'creatures' on the ground.

In this new case report, the witness was outside with a dog when a "silver disc with a glow (no other lights) landed." The object was reported as hovering "just above the ground."

The report details how a platform underneath the object lowered and three "beings" walked out.

"They did not look like typical grays we all see," the witness stated. "They walked like humans but were smaller. They were too far away to see any details, but it was obvious they were not your typical gray."

No city, town or region of Texas was indicated in the public part of the report. None of the report details offers a clue as to whether or not these two UFO landing stories were near each other or were in any way connected.

Following is the unedited and uninvestigated report from MUFON. Please keep in mind that most UFO reports can be explained as something natural or manmade. Some reports may be hoaxes. If Texas MUFON investigates and reports back on this case, I will release an update.

TX, December 5, 2009 - Saw UFO land and occupants come out. MUFON Case # 21000.

I was outside letting my dog take a leak and a couple of fields over (I live in the country) a silver disc with a glow (no other lights) landed. Well, it did not touch the ground, it hovered just above the ground. A platform lowered beneath the UFO and 3 beings walked out. They did not look like typical grays we all see. They walked like humans but were smaller. They were too far away to see any details, but it was obvious they were not your typical gray.

My dog was going nuts and wanted to run towards them, but I grabbed his collar and put on the leash. Since it was late and I was just letting the dog take a leak, I did not have a camera or my phone on me. Once I got the dog under control, I ran - fast - back to the house to grab a phone or camera (whatever I could get my hands on first). By the time I got back outside, there was nothing in the field. Nothing! It was completely gone. I had my dog with me still and let him off the leash. He didnt even sense anything anymore.

Has anyone else encountered this?

I am a professional employeed person. I do not do drugs, dont smoke and only drink for special occasions. I have never had mental issues and I have never believed in UFOs. Never. But I know what I saw. I called a friend of mine the next day who believes in this stuff because I knew he would not ridicule me. Nobody else in my family knows of this, I fear their reaction. He told me to come to this site and post my story.

Here it is. ... the-ground

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PostMon Dec 28, 2009 9:12 pm » by Savwafair2012

This just in

This case is associated in the same time frame as MUFON C.M.S. Case # 19777. Witness was driving to work from Ely, Nevada to an oil field and refinery in the Rail Road Valley.

He stated that fellow employees had seen the same object in the sky earlier that evening. Onother multiple witness UFO event in Nevada.

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PostMon Dec 28, 2009 9:41 pm » by Memccool

Any new news on this? This topic hasnt been active for a bit
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