Breakingviews: German split helps Draghi

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Published on Aug 28, 2012 by ReutersVideo

Aug. 28 - ECB President, Mario Draghi, has an ally in Angela Merkel while the Bundesbank opposes his plan to restart buying sovereign debt...

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(If this doesn't reak of Holy Roman Empire, what will? :scary: )

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Mario Draghi: Dangerous Dictator?


The Telegraph newspaper carried a headline, “Mario Draghi: More Dangerous Than Kim Jong Il.” ... m-jong-il/

The comparison is an interesting one from one perspective: The late president of North Korea was a dictator having supreme authority, accountable to no one. Mario Draghi, president of the bank that is dictating fiscal policy to the world’s largest trading bloc, the European Union, is accountable to no other authority than himself.

As an extension of this comparison, Kim Jong Il virtually held the world to ransom with the threat of nuclear war. Draghi currently holds the world to ransom with the threat of the collapse of the means of exchange with which much of the EU enacts its global trade—the euro.

Kim rattled his nuclear sabers to scare off the world. The latter is scaring the world into a fear of a global financial collapse of nuclear proportions.

It’s an interesting comparison.

Largely an unknown till he assumed control of the world’s largest central bank on November 1, Draghi has been developing a more public persona of recent date. His most recent interview was with the Financial Times. It contains some interesting vignettes that somewhat explain Draghi’s intransigent stand on the euro crisis. ... z24rMur8tC

“It is a sometimes legalistic—at times, even theological—debate,” the FT writes (emphasis added). That is a point not yet seen by the vast majority. There is a “theological” entity at the root of all this, playing its hand extremely carefully, given its almost-2,000-year history. We have pointed to this crucial part of the equation numerous times.

“The important thing,” Mr. Draghi says, “is to restore the trust of the people—citizens as well as investors—in our continent. We won’t achieve that by destroying the credibility of the ecb. This is really, in a sense, the undertone of all of our conversation today.”

It is just possible that this Jesuit-educated son of Rome is in tune with the Vatican’s plan for a “new evangelization” of Europe, to “restore the trust of the people,” the true “undertone” behind German elites leading the “conversation” behind closed doors in Rome, Berlin and Brussels.

Either way, the Financial Times interviewer did sound a realistic warning: “… 2012 may well mark the moment when the euro’s fate is settled.”

Aware that grave dangers face the eurozone economies in the new year, Mario Draghi loosed the purse strings of the European Central Bank (ecb) on Wednesday. As the Washington Post reported (December 21):

The European Central Bank announced Wednesday that it is loaning about $640 billion to European banks for an unusual three-year term as part of its effort to free up credit tightened by the eurozone’s government debt crisis.

Statistics released by the Frankfurt-based ecb showed that 523 banks signed up for the loans, the largest infusion of cash since the euro became the common currency of a number of European nations in 1999. In all, 17 nations have adopted the currency, which was seen at its inception as a boost to economic stability but has in recent months come under withering and perhaps fatal attack.

Some see this latest move by Draghi to ease EU banks liquidity as a trick designed to circumvent EU treaty obligations that currently restrain the ecb from becoming the lender of last resort to EU member nations’ governments.

“Reports in Paris suggested some governments also hope the loans will make it possible for banks to buy government debts when cash-strapped governments issue bonds early in 2012. In effect, the reports said, this would be an indirect way of having the ecb become the lender of last resort for indebted governments—something it is forbidden from doing directly by its founding statutes” (ibid).

On the euro’s fate hangs the fate of the global economy. The test year is 2012, beginning with the EU governments’ bond auctions in the first quarter of the year. What other cards does Mario Draghi, the “war dragon” of the ecb, have up his sleeve?

The time is fast approaching when Mario Draghi, unfettered president of the most powerful bank in the world—the European Central Bank—will prove whether or not he is, indeed, “more dangerous than Kim Jong Il”!

From ... s-dictator

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PostTue Aug 28, 2012 5:55 pm » by Muchtyman

Interesting and unusual surname .

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Muchtyman wrote:Interesting and unusual surname .

Europe—Enter the Dragon
May 16, 2011 • From
It seems that sleight of hand, subterfuge and outright lying constitute the credo of those who control the European Union.

The European Union was founded on a lie: the great lie that it was only ever to be a democratic, free-trade institution, dedicated to the unity of Europe without affecting the individual national sovereignty of its constituents.

That was a patent lie.

As its founders admitted, it was anything but democratic in intent, and, from its very beginnings, was destined to become a political union.

European elites have, via a series of treaties, steadily worked to develop the original Common Market into the imperial political enterprise that it is today.

But this is a deeply flawed enterprise.

The current-day monolithic union of 27 nations that now comprises this EU behemoth is riddled with fraud, corruption and a deeply entrenched spirit of outright deceit. Three whistle-blowers intent on exposing EU fraud and corruption have been shunted aside since the creation of the sham eurozone: Bernard Connolly, Paul van Buitenen and Marta Andreasen. Each has declared amazement at the blatant nature of EU fraud and manipulation.

Though all three of these ex-EU employees have published their findings, the revelations as to EU corruption do not even begin to hit the sides of EU technocrats and their political bosses. Why? Because they are all conditioned to the reality that with the EU, lying, deceit, fraud and corruption is required for this horribly tainted enterprise. Lying and deceit is a literal way of life for the average EU technocrat.

Thus it certainly ought to be no surprise to inveterate Europe watchers when they hear that one of the EU’s shining lights blatantly justified his horrible habit of lying when he told a whopper last week. As the Telegraph reported (May 15), ... rmoil.html

Sparking rumors that Athens was set to leave the euro, George Papaconstantinou, the Greek finance minister, was summoned to Senningen to explain how his country could take further savage austerity measures and speed up privatization of lucrative state-owned industries.

As news of the meeting leaked out, financial markets went into spasm sending the euro into a nosedive. In a desperate bid to end the turmoil, [Luxembourg’s prime minister and the chairman of the eurogroup of single currency members, Jean-Claude] Juncker, who had not informed other eurozone finance ministers of the meeting, chose to lie. “I totally deny there is a meeting,” said his spokesman, as speculation mounted. Mr. Juncker had already horrified many of his counterparts by openly bragging last month that he often “had to lie” to suppress public debate over eurozone economic policies which, he claimed, were too important for open contemplation.

Cursory observers of the EU can perceive little of the depth of the great deceit behind its “democratic” facade. It is the very antithesis of democracy. In reality it is a tyranny by stealth.

Yet the sheer deviousness and cleverness of the whole EU project belies anything of which any human group, no matter how clever they may be, is capable. Though the whole project is but the current manifestation of six prior efforts to impose a “holy Roman” unity over Europe (and in fact the whole civilized world), the manner in which this seventh effort is being constructed leads the deepest of thinkers to ponder whether a power of higher intellect than man is behind it.

Well, in fact, it is!

If you really understand the nature of this beastly European Union in its true prophetic context, then you will understand that for height of deception, extent of sleight of hand, degree of sheer deceit and outright lying, it is unmatched. The reason for this is that its true power is sourced at a level above the human intellect.

Students of Bible prophecy understand this. They know that God revealed that there would be a seventh and final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire and it will be a politico/military power that will comprise 10 European regional groupings, each under a leader that will in turn pay obeisance to one singular political and a single ideological (religious) leader. This is clearly revealed in the prophecies of Daniel 2, 8 and 11 and Revelation 13 and 17.

But there’s something else that the Bible prophesies in relation to this great imperial entity. That has to do with the very source of its power, a power that is literally out of this world: “[A]nd the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority” (Revelation 13:2; see also verses 4, 11).

Now, in John 8:44 we read that this being depicted as a dragon in the book of revelation is “a liar and the father of it.”

Small wonder then that the EU’s leading lights are liars and that they even proudly justify their grand deceit!

Realizing the source of the power truly driving this seventh and final resurrection of the EU, Juncker’s blatant lie and his freely admitting to it as his modus operandi should be no real shock to us. It’s the very nature of the beast to lie! The whole enterprise is a great sham built upon a huge lie, a veritable counterfeit of the soon-coming Kingdom of God!

This sham “Christian” empire is being cobbled together by powerfully influential elites in Europe, totally unaware of the great deceiving power that is using them for its own ends!

Yes, there is a clear thread that tracks the whole effort at European Union clear back to the Nazi Red House Report. But the power that is driving it is unseen! Unseen and very satanic! This is no conspiracy theory. This is revelatory biblical truth!

With this all on our mind recently, we are eager to hear the outcome of today’s hastily convened meeting of EU leaders under the general spirit of acrimony which will pervade that meeting as delegates convene to come to terms with a system that was designed to fail—with good reason—by its Teutonic architects from the beginning. “An undercurrent of anger, suspicion and mistrust will permeate on Monday night’s critical meeting of eurozone ministers in Brussels as they grapple with a spiraling Greek debt crisis and try to seal a €78 billion (£69 billion) bailout for Portugal. As if the euro’s problems were not enough, seething resentments will add a new political dimension to the talks” (ibid.).

The eurozone was the idea of certain influential German elites. It was designed to achieve the very end that is clearly emerging as its result right now—the subservience of the weak to the strong. It is by no mere accident that Germany will call the tune at today’s vital eurozone meeting. It is certainly by no mere coincidence that Germany will end up with the whole EU at its beck and call as its powerhouse economy benefits from the European Monetary Union policy of fixing exchange rates to bolster the German economy at the expense of all others.

Germany is the financial controller of Europe.

In the context of today’s revival of that old system of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation arising before our eyes, we could not help but muse over the manner in which the deck has been cleared for one candidate, and one only, to be endorsed as a shoo-in for appointment to the most powerful financial controlling office on the planet—the president of the European Central Bank.

Next month the EU will vote for this appointment. The three leading powers in Europe—Germany, France and Italy—have all endorsed one singular candidate: the governor of the Italian central bank, Jesuit-trained Vatican supporter and head of the global financial regulatory authority the Financial Stability Board, Mario Draghi.

This is the man slated to oversee financial and economic policy over the whole of the EU as it builds toward the power that this final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire will possess, be it only briefly, over the global economy as revealed in Revelation 13:16-18.

It is of interest in this context to note that the man possesses a Christian name that literally means war, warring or warlike—Mario. But the surname also intrigues—Draghi, meaning dragon. :o ... the-dragon

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