Britain's growing poor driven to food banks & payday loans

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PostWed Sep 05, 2012 5:01 am » by Willease

Austerity measures, withheld benefits & a worsening economy perpetuated by a vampiric political class are forcing thousands of people to turn to food banks to stay fed. Whilst corrupt bankers are let off of unimaginable theft and politicians continue to destroy the economy leaving more and more without work the poor turn to charitable organisations for assistance.

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PostWed Sep 05, 2012 6:38 am » by E6722maj

yes, and things are going from very bad to much worse. the economy is in a tailspin from which any recovery seems less likely every day. it really looks to be a bleak winter ahead


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PostWed Sep 05, 2012 7:09 am » by Mydogma

excellent post...they suck the money from the middle class...then the poor
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PostWed Sep 05, 2012 4:40 pm » by Noentry

How can one of the richest nations on Earth get in such a state?
The banks profits are greater then ever and the poor are getting poorer.
F*king disgraceful. Makes my blood boil :yell:
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PostWed Sep 05, 2012 5:20 pm » by Evildweeb

I know of exactly what they are speaking of.

We have the same problem over here in the US. Things are not quite as rosy as some would like you to believe.

My unemployment expires next week and I have no fucking idea WTF I am going to do.

I have burned through all of my savings to try to keep up and have failed miserably.

At the moment I am withholding my truck payment in order to pay my rent. Though I do have a couple of job prospects, it's still a roll of the dice whether or not any of them come through.

So I too may have to succumb to food banks and welfare assistance in order to survive, because at this point - its only a matter of survival and NOT getting ahead anymore.

I found out only THIS MORNING that the FEDS have withdrawn our unemployment insurance support back in JUNE. Nobody bothered to tell anyone about it either - the FUCKERS.

I was eligible until well into next year until I found out the money has gone "missing".


Maybe it is time to start looking at other measures.

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PostWed Sep 05, 2012 9:07 pm » by Willease

Entitlement Spending Creates a ‘Nation of Takers’
September 5, 2012 • From
How this new spending is destroying American masculinity, families and character

Entitlement programs are instilling a greedy, ‘all about me’ mindset in people.

America’s entitlement spending is destroying the economy. But political economist Nicholas Eberstadt isn’t worried about that. In an article published in the Wall Street Journal August 31, Eberstadt argued that the effect entitlement spending is having on the nation’s character is far more dangerous. ... picks=true

He outlines a shocking increase in entitlement spending: 727 percent in the last 50 years. And that’s after adjusting for inflation and the increase in population.

“Within living memory, the federal government has become an entitlements machine,” he wrote. “As a day-to-day operation, it devotes more attention and resources to the public transfer of money, goods and services to individual citizens than to any other objective, spending more than for all other ends combined.”

In a longer version of his Journal essay, published by Templeton Press and available here,
Eberstadt meticulously backs up his claims with a wealth of data that even his critics do not dispute. ... 45362.html

The shocking facts run against the popular historical narrative. For example, Eberstadt points out that America’s defense spending places a smaller burden on America’s economy now than almost any point in the Cold War. America spends 4.8 percent of its economy on defense. In 1961, when President Dwight Eisenhower warned of a “military-industrial complex,” 9.4 percent of America’s gdp was spent on the military.

In fact, since September 11, it hasn’t been out-of-control military spending inflating America’s debt bomb, but escalating entitlement spending.

American families, specifically American men, have borne the full brunt of the resulting attack on character, argues Eberstadt. He devoted considerable attention to making this point in the full essay, but the Wall Street Journal overlooked it.

“The adverse influence of transfer payments on family values and family formation in America” is critical, he writes. Earlier studies showed “that the perverse incentives embedded in federal-family support policies were actually encouraging the proliferation of fatherless families and an epidemic of illegitimacy,” he wrote. The payments were “a vehicle for financing single motherhood and the out-of-wedlock lifestyle in America.”

Manhood was also directly attacked. “Before the age of entitlements, self-reliance and the work ethic were integral and indispensable elements of the ideal of manliness in America,” he wrote.

“Put simply the arrival of the entitlement society in America has coincided with a historically unprecedented exit from gainful work by adult men,” he continued. And once again, Eberstadt commands a battery of statistics. Most surprisingly, more able-bodied American men shirk work than in almost all of Europe, despite the Continent’s infamy for entitlement spending.

Eberstadt’s numbers also show that America is tolerating widespread cheating. In 1960, 455,000 people received government payments for disability. In 2011, it’s 8.6 million. Nearly half of all these payments go to people suffering “mood disorders” or sicknesses affecting “musculoskeletal system and the connective tissue,” like back pain. These two are almost impossible for doctors to diagnose.

The entitlement system draws millions of people into a lifestyle of lying and cheating. And Eberstadt doesn’t just blame the claimants of the disability pay. The doctors and health care workers that allow this are “collaborators,” as is the U.S. judicial system. American voters and politicians are “willing and often knowing enablers.”

Finally, Eberstadt shows that the system drafts society into the robbery of “a pool of citizens who can offer not resistance to such schemes: the unborn descendants of today’s entitlement-seeking population.”

Far from being “pay as you go” systems, entitlements like Social Security and Medicare are in fact massively underfunded. Eberstadt blames “the impulse to take benefits here and now, and leave it to other people later on to figure out how to pay for it all.”

This is the sort of “taking” mentality that this entitlement system has fostered.

Man’s whole system is fundamentally flawed. To read more about this, and the contrast with what a God-inspired system would look like, read our article “The United Welfare States of America” ... of-america

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PostWed Sep 05, 2012 9:24 pm » by Thruster

In Britain we are being bombarded with adverts on Tv & radio constantly for pay day loans, it's at a rediculous level.

If you take out a pay day loan, you are required to give them your mobile and your home phone numbers as well as other personal details, so even if you manage to pay the loan off they harrass you on a weekly basis trying to get you back in to take another loan. They know they're going to catch you out on a bad day at some point.

Blood sucking bastards.

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