British-Born ISIS Fighters Vow to Bring Jihad Back to Britai

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Britons fighting for Al Qaeda splinter group ISIS have vowed to bring
Jihad back to Britain and the West when they finish in Syria. The Sunday
Times reports that one fighter is a computer hacker from Birmingham who
stole Tony Blair's details, while another is a former private school
They have warned that the "black flag of Jihad" will fly over London, and
that there will be a new wave of 9/11-style terror atrocities across the
US. Another British-born jihadist talked about going on a "killing spree"
against non-Muslims if he ever returns to Britain.

The threats come as ISIS continue to advance in Iraq after taking the
major cities of Mosul and Tikrit. The group have posted videos of summary
beheadings in areas they now control, and vowed to push on to Baghdad.

One of the British jihadists is Junaid Hussain, 20, who was jailed in 2012
for stealing personal information relating to former Prime Minister Tony
Blair and posting it online. He also managed to block a police anti-terror
phone line by bombarding it with 100 prank calls. He has been in Syria
since last year, having travelled there while under police bail for
violent disorder.

On 4 June this year, he tweeted: "One day the flag of tawheed will fly
over 10 Downing Street and the White House." The same day, he later wrote:
"Imagine if someone detonated a bomb at a voting station or ambushed the
vans that carry the casted [sic] votes. It would mess the whole system

He then retweeted a message from another jihadist: "We'll come back to the
UK and wreak havoc. British people watch out."

It is thought that British jihadists can join the ISIS fighters relatively
easily by flying to Turkey and then crossing the border.

Charles Lister, a visiting fellow at the Brookings Institution in Doha,
believes that British-born Muslims are now almost certainly fighting in

"This latest offensive has included a great deal of co-ordination with
forces based in eastern Syria and the exchange of resources makes it
nearly inevitable that British nationals will have been involved"

They are not very smart, which isn't surprising given the fact that most came up through the British education system

MI6 and MI5 know who they are.

They also make British Nationalists' stronger, by driving young British men into the arms of the far-right.

They talk about Jihad and don't realise that there is a body of people who are preparing their own holy war against them and their kind.


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