Buckingham Palace forces workers into zero hour contract job

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Buckingham Palace - the ceremonial base for the British royal family, but the 350 summer staff employed to run the palace's gift shop, offer tours and keep one of the UK's major tourist attraction going, face a precarious future. The controversial zero-hours contract means staff are not guaranteed work but cannot seek employment elsewhere without the written consent of the palace.

Buckingham Palace is not alone in this practice. The Tate Galleries, Cineworld, the UK's largest cinema chain and Sports Direct have also come under fire but it's the home of the royal family that has garnered the most attention.

There is no suggestion that any senior member of the royal family is aware of the issues surrounding the summer contracts but now the story has been blown right open, the monarchy now has an opportunity to not just do right by their workers but lead the way in providing for some of the country's most vulnerable workers.

John Rees thinks the bad publicity could be averted with a simple act of solidarity from one of the country's richest family

Zero hours contract are deemed unsuitable for people of working age because staff are left without guaranteed hours, sick pay or holiday pay and make it difficult to secure loans and credit.

Deputy PM Nick Clegg has promised to look into the issue in general whilst Buckingham Palace insists schedules are drawn up in advance to give staff adequate time to prepare

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Clegg couldn't give a fat rats arse,
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