Build Your Own Radio Telescope - SRT/VSRT

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PostSun Jul 27, 2014 9:34 am » by One-23

Came across this and thought it might interest some of you guys.

A great little project to sink your teeth into :flop:

All links to the project are at the bottom of the post


Build Your Own Radio Telescope


In 2010, on the far northern part of New Zealand’s North Island, a satellite dish was unceremoniously decommissioned and scheduled for demolition. But thanks to pluck of a few scientists, the anticipated death of the dish ended up giving radio astronomy on the island new life.

There are a few blog posts that detail people’s experiments with refitting old satellite TV dishes for radio telescope duty, but they vary in their level of detail. Fortunately, Jeff Lashley goes into great detail in a chapter titled “Microwave Radio Telescope Projects.” (pdf) He explains how to convert a compact satellite dish into a radio telescope and how to hook it up to software developed at MIT for a similar purpose. With all the parts in place, you can do things like observe radio waves emitted by the sun or study how the ionosphere affects those same emissions.

A home-built radio telescope may not be as sensitive as the Very Large Array, but you’ll still be able to study the stars in ways few people can.


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Microwave Radio Telescope Projects


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PostSun Jul 27, 2014 8:55 pm » by Noentry

One-23 not a bad idea

Upload to

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