Bus explosion in Volgograd Female Suicide Bomber

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Preliminary data suggests that a female suicide bomber conducted the attack on the bus in Volgograd, central Russia, killing six people and injuring 32, according to the Russian Investigative Committee.

A terrorist act has been confirmed by the National Anti-terrorist Committee.

"Today at 2:05pm Moscow time [10:05 GMT] in Volgograd inside a bus, as a result of an unknown explosive device going off, a blast happened, leading to casualties," a national Anti-terrorist Committee representative said in the statement.

The Investigative Committee has identified the woman who was the suicide bomber: it's allegedly Naida Akhiyalova, from Dagestan.

The preliminary information indicates that "the female suicide bomber recently converted to Islam, and was the wife of a militant leader," an Investigative Committee representative told the media.

Also, a grenade has been found under the vehicle and it's now being checked whether the explosive is live, a source in the security forces now at the scene told RIA Novosti.

Forty passengers were on the bus. Seven of them are in critical condition. A 20-month-old toddler is among those injured. His state is assessed as moderately severe.

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Holy sh*t. Why?

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...same from the AP...

Raw: Russian Bus Blast Caught on Dashcam

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Published on Oct 21, 2013

Dashcam video captured the moment a female suicide bomber blew herself up on board a city bus in the southern Russian city of Volgograd killing six and injuring about 30 people. (Oct. 21)


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It's about time we stop giving any legitimacy to the islamic lie, that islam is "peaceful"

It's not, not inherently, and not in practice. If it was, they wouldn't need to constantly remind everyone.

Buddhists don't need to tell everyone every minute of every day how peaceful their religion is, because it actually is.

What other religion has a global network of extremists participating in, and cheering on violent attacks against people that don't follow said religion?


only islam.



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