California To Begin Teaching Gay History

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PostSat Jul 16, 2011 7:54 pm » by Endless16

drjones wrote:Apologies but 79 replies for this ?? Jesus. :bang; :help:
Here's me thinking we are all one and divisive matters like this are of no significance.
Guess i need to start again.

Nothing stopping you thinking that if you want to... Pretty sure that's part of the point that we are not all the same and all have individual perspectives and beliefs though... Seems pretty significant to me at least... For example wouldn't you rather see a class for growing your own food and gaining some self-sufficiency rather than a class teaching about how gay people are people too?... Might stop some of these kids growing up to be heads of their communities and
making the wrong decisions...
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PostSat Jul 16, 2011 8:13 pm » by Truthseekerx

There is only one solution to the public education system: home schooling.

If you leave education up to someone else, you are subjecting children to indoctrination.
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