call me stupid call me laim,.............

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PostTue Aug 03, 2010 7:44 pm » by Tobygrey

This are just some things wondering trough my mind questions asked and awnserd
in my head,..

text that shouldnt be taken to seriousley,
but ment to, make you think or dismiss entirely.
i leave it up to you,.

these are some older poems and or small story`s i have posted on dtv and some new.

call me stupid call me laim,..
at the end of the day no one knows if they are realy sain.


Creatures from outer space,
came to visit the human race

They came to the conclusion
that the humans needed evolution

They waited above, thousands of years
they saw the human race evolve in something fierce.

For all the tools the humans created,
it seemed they where destend to be obliterated.


Ife got a bad feeling,

Becouse i saw the earth bleeding,

Her cry`s mostley unheard,

The ways she`s has been treated absurd,

The creatures on her skin,

Drawing her lifeforce from within,

I fear she`s at an end,

For all her resources we spend,

Soon she will come to the conclusion,

There is onley one solution.


Brothers and sisters rejouce
becouse im giving awser to your choice
Pain and death it will be
you seem to have so much fun
yes i can see,.
The blood, the tears the broken bones
children crying,
yes, brothers and sisters soon everyone will be dying.
women raped men`s slitten throuts
i can see no reason why not to boost,
brothers and sisters rejouce
for now is the time for the final play
i can see no reason wy i shouldt stay
o it will be so much fun,.
with great plesure i introduce to you my son,.

censerley gratefull for your preperations


Nothing in this world is more powerfull then me !!
Nothing in this universe is more wise then me !!
But who cares im just a lonley soul walking on a beatifull planet with a couple of miljon creatures that feel the same way
and here is the kick in the face they are all right !!
Nothing in this world is more powerfull than you !!
Nothing in this universe is more wise then you !!
see the paradox ?
if nothing on this planet or universe is more powerfull or wiser then you,
you must be me !!!


every thing on this world looks like its going insane
the people dont know what there looking for
the people on this earth are not what they where before
once peace loving creatures with respect for mother earth,
now you destroy, wage wars and turning towards hatred like it has no worth.
creatures of this planet be warned,.
we can no longer watch, beeing unarmed
now we prepair to take controll
becouse the planet and all its creatures we own
must remain intact and unharmed.


Hope you guys atleast enjoyed it abit,..

Annyways see ya on the grey side
Toby :alien:

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PostTue Aug 03, 2010 8:03 pm » by arizone

thx for the creativity toby
NameemaN: dialated.

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PostTue Aug 03, 2010 8:36 pm » by Tobygrey

arizone wrote:thx for the creativity toby

NP :flop:
i enjoy it!!!


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