Cameron has really upset our EU partners now!

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PostFri Dec 09, 2011 11:01 pm » by Mozi!!a

Nobody Like Bosses Over Their head No One.
No Matter How high Tech Intelligent We Become In The Future

This Will Continue Forever, On Till The Lesson Is Learned


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PostFri Dec 09, 2011 11:06 pm » by Shemagh

richc wrote:Britain can't stand alone in this global financial situation..

Europe will crash and burn as they realise they are financially and therefore completely controlled by Germany..

Could there be a British dollar or American pound coming in the future.?


Don't forget the British Commonwealth, mostly forgotten about by younger people now, in fact in the Edward Heaths government rush to join the EU we practically bankrupted the likes of New Zealand who exported lamb to us. Those country's are still there,and most of them still have an allegiance to us that we probable don't deserve, so we are not alone, we just need to realise who our real friends are.

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PostFri Dec 09, 2011 11:12 pm » by Nakchopoe

shemagh wrote: so we are not alone, we just need to realise who our real friends are.

You were never alone. But as long as you view the roles played by political parties, political leaders and country 'representatives' as really representing the people of those countries, you will never have an end to the fighting. You think the 95% of the people in the countries that are not directly involved in all this political gameplay don't want to be your friends?

Our real friends are us, we, the people. Humans. Your and my fellow human beings.

Ever walked on a street full of people and suddenly had the WHOLE street turn against you and say they hate you?
Of course not. Why would they?
If you are nice to them, they are nice to you. That's the normal peoples code. It's humanity. The nature of the human creature.

We just need to realise who our real friends are.


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PostFri Dec 09, 2011 11:15 pm » by Mrbenn

They don't like it up 'em.....

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PostFri Dec 09, 2011 11:37 pm » by Muchtyman

This is a tad more worrying . Is Cameron protecting our sovereignty , our democratic principles , or is he following orders .

This conspiracy shit is confusing .

Mr Keiser reports ................................... :mrcool:

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PostSat Dec 10, 2011 12:15 am » by 528hz

muchtyman wrote:This is a tad more worrying . Is Cameron protecting our sovereignty , our democratic principles , or is he following orders .

This conspiracy shit is confusing .

Mr Keiser reports ................................... :mrcool:

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I see you're from Scotland Muchty, And you refering to Cameron, And in the same sentance using "our sovereignty", And "our democratic principals" with the inferrence that Britain and Scotland stand together, There are plans afoot already that show to the contrary........

"Scottish National Party (SNP) leaders have revealed an independent Scotland would shift away from the UK and become affiliated with the Scandinavian circle of countries.

As senior SNP strategists are drawing up a “prospectus for independence,” they have maintained that the relationship between Scotland and its Scandinavian neighbors would be taken to a higher level as they assert that Scotland has more in common with Scandinavian countries than the UK.

Moreover, the SNP strategists believe that it is in the interests of an independent Scotland to seek trade and defence partners in northern and eastern Europe rather than the western Europe and the Commonwealth.

“Our neighbours to the north and east have already made a good start and work constructively together. We need to join them and play our part. The UK has opted out of a serious approach. We should not,” said Angus Robertson, the SNP's defence and foreign affairs spokesman in Westminster.

The prospectus, which will not be published in full until next year, also forms the basis for negotiations with Westminster in case the referendum on Scotland's independence is won.

As specified by the prospectus, Alex Salmond, the SNP leader and Scottish First Minister, will ask for 9% of all UK assets, which amounts to Scotland's share of the UK population.

Scotland's independence has already caused concerns among the UK officials with revelations about plans by British Prime Minister David Cameron to hijack the referendum.

Nevertheless, Salmond has threatened to “sabotage” any such moves saying he would call for a boycott on any referendum orchestrated by Cameron."

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PostSat Dec 10, 2011 12:22 am » by Pitbulterrorist

cameron has moved up one notch im my respect book. done like a true brit, bollox to europe. but it does make euro 2012 an even better tournament to watch now with all this friction going on. come on england

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PostSat Dec 10, 2011 4:01 am » by Mydogma

Yes confusing for sure...but if this is part of the inside job? Why bring up the word soverigty? Becuz for britian to say that word gives ligitamacy to other countries peoples to say it without being labeled confusion(or lack of understanding) is the crown not owned by britian...and where does london sit with all not london a private citystate bankers mob(rothchild etc) so are they taking the same position as cameron...hmmm I don't get it..but I ame ever so grateful cameron said the dreaded S word...
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PostSat Dec 10, 2011 4:04 am » by Mydogma

And for the record I'm a canadian born scotsman...I think it wud be awesome for scotlands independance...I wud like to see canada swear independance from the queen...I hate the fact thgat when I joined the military I had to sign an oath to her...instead of the canadian people...
If you don't wake up, Your the problem, not the

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PostSat Dec 10, 2011 4:59 am » by Bandanko

We wont let Scotland be independent though, Scotland houses a lot of our Nuclear deterrent and has a lot of oil/gas. there is not a chance in hell we'd let them be truly independent.

As for Big Davey C giving the EEC the finger, well I am not sure what is happening. I would have thought he was in the same club as the other Euro leaders (being fucked in the ass by the Rothschild club). I also thought that they (Rothschilds) were german (in origin). So why that cunt we call the prime minister (ha what a fucking joke) didnt want to be in the same sinking ship as the other europeans is beyond me at the moment.

Though I know that the proposed additions to the Lisbon treaty would effectivley gut the city of London which provides (publicly admitted) around 20% of our GDP and employs 1.3 million people. So while he may be acting on orders I doubt the people of england would put up with that shit. There would be a lot more bad press and probable rioting. England would generate fuck all cash for TPTB if the city is burning and full of rioters...

For some reason England is special to TPTB's plans. No I have no proof, call it womans intuition :flop:

Maybe were letting the euro flounder and when its time to save it, England will ride in like the US cavalry and save the poor europeans from their own machinations...

Or maybe we'll go back to how we used to be. trading and pretty much owning europe like we did for 400 fucking years... Why we needed to be in the Euro in the first place is beyond me...

I also think something is about to happen (I hate doomsayers but)...

Russia and China are going to link together. they're already doing pretty close business. The US intervention in the south china sea will come to a head, Russia is now blaming Clinton for the protests (hell could be true for all I know). Both China and Russia are "friends" with Iran. As soon as we invade Iran, Russia and China will kick off. China will demand its money, The US will tell them to fuck off. China will sell the debt to the bailiffs (Russia) and both will come knocking on the door of the "allies" in this case the US and the UK...

the UK will have alienated europe so much by then, they'll stay out of it. well until the tanks roll across the Volga. India will go to war with China and Pakistan (its been on the cardsw for some time now if you can read in between the lines in the "news") and boom 6 billion people die in what TPTB have been calling for, a mass culling
Eventually Russia and more importantly China will lose (cmon you know they will) and the debt will be nullified. world economy is stabilised as the yanks and us goofy teethed brits will have won...

just a thought :peep:

ps i apologise for my typing, the missus is asleep next to me and i am trying not to wake her up :flop:


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