Can not view any videos

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PostThu May 20, 2010 3:00 am » by Tetrahedron

So this has been going on for almost a week. Ive been using this site for years and have never had any issues. Now I can not view any videos at all. Everything in the page loads fine, browser says "Done", yet the video player is blank. No buffering, just a white square. This applies to other computers in the house, all of them have updated flash. Havnt had any problems with other video sites just this one.

This happening to anyone else? And does anyone know how I can get it to work?


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PostThu May 20, 2010 3:02 am » by Tetrahedron

.........................................Now its working seconds after posting this


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PostThu May 20, 2010 3:04 am » by Cornbread714

Try a different browser, Google Chrome perhaps. :cheers:
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PostThu May 20, 2010 5:34 am » by Kilroy

im getting the same thing and google chrome doesnt help.
what do you work for google or something?
ive reinstalled flash player and have gone through all the settings.
if i goto the separate channels then i have no prob and the vids seem to work ok
but when i try to access them through the recently added channel i get nothing but a white box

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PostThu May 20, 2010 5:53 am » by Kilroy

omg i havent been able to watch vids in the recently added channel for 2 or 3 days now and as soon as i posted in here and went back it is now working.
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PostThu May 20, 2010 7:55 am » by Disinfoagent007

I post a reply here, just be sure that I can see vids :ohno:
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PostThu May 20, 2010 10:38 am » by Murvic

Same here i havent been able to watch videos for over a week now, ive updated my flash player. Oddly enough i can watch them on the forum but nowhere else on dtv what is happening ? what am i missing? id appreciate anyone sorting this out for me :sunny:

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PostThu May 20, 2010 11:08 am » by Malogg

:nwo: :nwo: :nwo: :nwo: :nwo: :nwo: :nwo: :nwo: :nwo: :nwo: :nwo: :nwo: :nwo: :nwo: :nwo: :nwo: :nwo: :nwo: :nwo: :nwo: :nwo: :nwo: :ohno: :ohno: :ohno: :ohno: :ohno:
I get that alot at times I cant even get into disclose tv it says 404 page error pish
at times I remove firefox and down load it and install a fresh copy n most times it works but sometimes I have to just wate half a day or even just come back the next day and it works again I thought it was part of this media Blackout pish that they do in the UK as they dont want the Hollie Greig case and other stuff getting out to the people as its the truth lol they even got :shooting: A FORMER MI5 DISINFO AGENT Greg Lance Watkins :nwo: in on the Hollie case to sabatage the truth and disinfo the web pages from the start of them going up on the web lol Greg went as far as to write a Blogg for Hollie and Ann Greig and wate untill the right time to spin the stollenkidds blogg into disinfoing the truth and attacking the case with brained up slander even hurting Hollie and Ann,s feeling in life more as what they have been through is hellish to say the least and the fucking brittish goverment ordered a media Blackout on the case while fucking govermental soical workers start behind the scene trying to remove Hollie from Ann and section Ann up even Robert Green that has been slamered up for doing a better job than Sherlock H could have done in getting ahold of some of the truth and they have jailed this 60 odd year old man up for trying to do what is right but you see other people have been conecting dots in knowing about this and it leads a trail to the global to :nwo: LUMINATI :nwo: NWO :nwo: CRAZY,Z PEOPLE !!!! :nwo: lolololol its so fn true its SCARY :hell:

so mayb its just bugs on the net lolol WE ARE SCREWED EITHER WAY
:ohno: :ohno: :ohno: :ohno:
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PostFri May 21, 2010 2:02 am » by Tetrahedron

Ok, I had this problem again after getting online today. Checked the forums, then went back the videos, problem gone. So it seems there is some snag in the HTML or something that isn't allowing the new video player to work properly. For some reason it seems that navigating around the site fixes it. Wondering how many other people have this problem?

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PostTue May 25, 2010 7:47 am » by Fliegezeug

Yes, tetrahedron is full of reason!

If you paste this page (can-not-view-any-videos-t22522.html) at your address bar and, only after this page shows, you select Channels to see the movies, it works fine.
This was the only way I found to make Firefox last version show me the videos.
Tetrahedron said, "For some reason it seems that navigating around the site fixes it.", and he is right.

I have the last version of MSIE, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome and the last version of the Flash Player too. Going directly to Channels Menu after login, all browsers show me a white box, except for Google Chrome.
(login >> Channels >> Aliens & UFOs >> Choose video = white box)

My machine is well tunned and works fine for all sites.
So, Disclose TV have a bug that wasn't there before.
It's time to fix it.

Thank you very much, tetrahedron!!!!


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