Can you see time?

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PostSat Sep 19, 2009 12:53 am » by Janosfess

I read this and thought it was pretty neat.

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Dr Simner explains: "There is one called ordinal-linguistic personification. So letters or numbers trigger, not colour, but the impression of a personality or gender.
"So, you don't know that number seven is green, but you know that it's a maniacal husband who comes home from work and shouts at his wife.
"You might not have a colour for Thursday, but you know that it's a young girl who has spent too long kept in the house and wants to break out into the world."

kinda sounds like the kabbalist philosophy where numbers and letters are completely interconnected, and have 'personalities' as well

cool article.

i read somewhere once about a neurological disorder where the patients could smell sound...i guess this shit is way more connected that we once thought

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