Canada home of the future, U.S. report says

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Canada has strong banks, a stable real estate market and rock-bottom corporate tax rates, and it's about time Americans paid attention, according to a Washington Times op-ed piece.

". . . Our well-mannered Canadian neighbours have pulled their act together. We could learn a lot from them," writes Jim Bacon in an article that compares Canada to quiet, orderly neighbour and Mexico to a bachelor pad with "drunken parties" and the "occasional gunshot eruptions."

Canada's good behaviour has kept it off America's radar until now, said Bacon, who hails from Richmond, Virginia and has never been to Canada.

"You all behave yourselves, you are well-mannered and you don't create a lot of problems for us," he said.

But it's that good behaviour chronicled by the International Monetary Fund and international media that inspired Bacon to pen the piece.

"It smacked me with a two-by-four," he said in an interview with Postmedia News. "Everywhere else was showing deteriorating financial conditions and Canada was looking pretty good by comparison."

Bacon credits Canada's low corporate tax rate, strict fiscal discipline in the 1990s, housing policies and stringent bank system for the country's economic pre-eminence.

Bacon said he doesn't expect his op-ed piece to inspire U.S. President Barack Obama to make an impromptu trip to seek northern wisdom, but that it could channel the attention of the business community.

"Talented Canadians have long regarded the United States as the land of opportunity. It may not be long before Americans see our northern neighbor as the land of the future," he writes.

And Americans are increasing seeing it as such, says Jane Moffat, the executive director of the Canadian American Business Council, who hails from Ontario.

"Increasingly, Americans are seeing opportunity north of the border," she said. "Given the integration of our economies in all sectors, it's an easy place to look."

She said the American banking sector has become more interested in the Canadian banking model in the past two years.

It's attention Moffat believes will continue.

"I think more and more, Canada is making its name in the world and in North America as a sound, stable partner," she said.

"I think Americans genuinely appreciate having Canada to the north," she said. "I think they'd like to have Canada south, too."

Canada's role in Afghanistan is another thing Americans need to recognize, says Bacon.

"Americans have the idea that we are out there fighting a war in Afghanistan all by ourselves," he said. "Canadians have acquitted themselves really, really well and have fought some pretty tough engagements and suffered a lot of casualties, and I for one, am very appreciative of the fact that Canadians support us in that."

Moffat said she, too, has noticed Americans aren't aware of Canada's steadfast commitment to their allies.

"It would be nice if Americans knew more about how Canada has committed to help in Afghanistan."

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PostWed Jan 05, 2011 9:53 pm » by Docdrdeath

btw - - I hope Harbin reads this for his last post aboot Canada!
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Well there you go folks...

docdrdeath has provided you people with irrefutable factual evidence that if you are a sexy 15-40 year old woman and wishing to live in Canada... you should totally come to Oto`s house.

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Well I'm in Van City and would like to trade Randy Quaid for anyone else!
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I think its time for Canada to close its borders and build some snipertowers, and let the americans have the promise land all by them selfs.I dont think for one sec: that the canadian people whant to take care of some amarican fools that cant take care of them self or there land :lol:
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Step one find my Canadian father
Step two get citizenship.
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