Canada - judge bows to sovereign freeman in court

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PostSun Jan 23, 2011 3:13 am » by Govtslave

I would like to know if anyone has applied the freeman approach in family court. In most states in the U.S., if you get divorced you must do so in a court of chancery wherein you relinquish all your rights to be granted a divorce.
However, through the use of alimony they shackle you to your ex-wife and the court for the rest of your life. If you don't pay they jail you indefinitely until you do. Or, if you lose your income and the judge is not a fascist pig (which most are) they will reduce your alimony to $1 a month just so the court can retain jurisdiction over you.

If any of you are thinking of either marriage or divorce run instead. Run as fast and far as you can.

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PostSun Jan 23, 2011 3:34 am » by Whiskeytfoxtrot

Hey govtslave.
Yes, i know a few people with success in family court. Myself being one. It's still admiralty, check the gold fringed flag on the wall behind the judge. As far as the process, well that isn't something I can articulate in a dtv post. But there is always remedy for you, just hidden. Check my previous post here on this thread to understand the structure of the court system. America is the same basically.
However i would say that YOU did not get a divorce, but rather your FICTION (all capital letters name) was divorced from it's CONTRACT with the state and the other fiction (wife). You could have voided it for reasons of not having full disclosure of ALL the details upon signing. Look up the lawful components of a contract, then ask if what you entered into conforms, especially full disclosure. Otherwise, contract is void. As for alimony, what is the legal definition, and if it ain't in your CONSTITUTION where the hell does the authority to charge you alimony come from? When you realize it's all fiction and given authority only by YOUR consent, you can start to defend yourself from such things. And oh yeah, charge these public servants for BREACHING THEIR OATH to uphold the law of the land, not the sea. They like that.

Peace. :hugging:
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PostSun Jan 23, 2011 3:57 am » by Waterhawk

TheAntiterrorist on 'Standing' in Court part 1

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marley wrote:Oh no, that's not an assembly line manufacturing wage. They get anywhere from $13 -$20. My'ol man works for a rock crushing company that needs a seperate welding shop to keep the large equipment and trucks running. They absolutely appreciate his skills.He has mad skills but there is some evidence of frustration being shown by his boss when it comes to the slackers or dog fuckers. Work ethic is huge here. As is shown in his regular wage increases.

The pay scales for both are pretty much the same as here. But they tend to put far to many specialty applications in the manufacturing industry. The two just don't work together, i am a prick when i come to crateing the closest to perfection, which don't work too long when your expected to build it to "close enough" specifications. I hate working with slackers and punk ass bitches that force you to lead by example and carry the majority of the work load. Also if i can't have clean air to breath i won't waste my time, even if a company is hireing. I would rather starve, but i don't think that is too much to ask for. It sounds too good to be true in Canada, here in America i am nothing but a number. At one time that number was NM156, which was cool cause, i am a huge Queensryche fan. :cheers:
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you might enjoy this.....i did

deep rabbit hole

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