canada pushing to allow the banksters to liquidate their tra

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I was watchin the Cpac channel(canadian politics tv channel) the other night...and there it was..a bank of canada rep asking the canadian senate to pass a bill allowing failed banks to dump their derivities secretly into a liquidator which happens to be the london banking sector...hmmm so that means that these pricks will have all their phoney derivitive scam swept away to never never land...and we all get burned and they get to all keep the proceeds from their theivery...f**cking sick bastards..nice to see some cowardly canadian F***cks selling us out..the one air head sellout saskatchewan senator was so bought or so stupid...but nice to see a few(especially the quebec senator) senators really digging in and asking some questions as they seemed suspect to the request...anyway I will try to find a link..but it didn't seem to fly well with a few so maybe honor and courage will concour the cowards...
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