Canadians call for increased state control of natural resour

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PostWed Oct 10, 2012 2:23 am » by flsts1

Sorry for the delay in responding Perronick:
The question was would I vote for Chavez:
A few dimensions here
1) Have to take into account the nationalistic/ mindset, geneology. (How I was raised, how deeply ingrained the Venezuelian DNA is embedded within my soul)
2) The influance of both my parents (whom were teachers...Chavez's)...
3) The injustice/hypocrasy that I witnessed as a young military officer being perpertrated against the guys I grew up with (if I were Chavez).
4) The level of poverty I was raised out of by Chavez's policies (even though it is a quasi-dictatorship...Hey, it worked for Tito...)
5) Looking at the man's rebellious soul, being able to stand up to or at least having the cojones to work with other's in order to achieve what was/is best for his country with out compromsing said soul.

I think that, yes....If I were Venezuelian, I would have voted for him.

(He is a man of principle and cares for his country...He has the balls to make the descions knowing the ball is in his court...and he holds the cards....)

But, I`m not.

I`m Canadian and relate to my own personal experiances values that have formed me to this day.


(why such a personal question, hypothetical anyway :think: )
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PostWed Oct 10, 2012 10:11 am » by Perronick

Chavez has nationalized Venezuela's oil (among other things). I'm trying to find what Canadians, in this forum, would think about nationalizing Canada's oil. Since I cannot make you two give me a straight answer, hence the personal question :lol:

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PostWed Oct 10, 2012 3:00 pm » by Mydogma

Most excellent bad it has to be distracted by our mostly hidden resource..our women..and yes for the most part they are and sexy..
I think canadians get the part about..this land is our land and its resources to be shared by its peoples..a nationalized approach is the only safe way to ensure riches remain in large part to its countrymen...not just a few or the rights sold off to foreign companies(which may be owned by countriess)
On the otherhand..befor I start walking around waiving my canadian flag..I want 100 percent detatchment from the monarchy..most resource rich areas are controlled by the crown which is nothing more then a. Privatly owned corporation that the queenie poo and her royal henchmen get to be the ceo and board of directors of...I won't wave my flag to benifit the queens bank account. The natives and the canadian people deserve to be the keeperss of the lands as it is our great grandchildrens future bank account..resources rule! many of the american resources do the citizens own...we have all been sould out..we had all start waving our flags...
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PostWed Oct 10, 2012 5:56 pm » by Perronick

Thanks, Mydogma. That's where I wanted to get :cheers:

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PostWed Oct 10, 2012 7:59 pm » by Slith

Perronick wrote:
You're driving me crazy here, Canucks.


BTW, I'm French Canuck it makes me...............unique


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