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I need to vent to you someone somewhere something.

But I warn you it might be heavy in places & nonsensical in others.

How do we unify and create a coalition without segregation secrecy and hierarchies of tyranny?

Where words once danced upon my tongue they now rot forming a putrid layering of corpses. The scent rolls ever toward my inhaling nostrils, every breath more sickening than the last.

Riddles upon riddles ever expanding the kaleidoscopic horror that is life. Still in the same moment I am grateful, grateful even the misguided correct my course and that perhaps in my mistakes others might find reprieve.

Tailor made custom fitted but always edited beyond meaning.

fuck brothers in arms we brothers in life
i'll still kick ya arse we brothers we fight

spit rhythms that fission bloom and illuminate
but still get given room for mistakes

Tailor made custom fitted but always edited beyond meaning.

Where has the spirit of the word gone, why must they be lined by orchestral sound tracks and emotional triggers? Can not the word alone deliver?

If it is a matter of a question then move them to ask it. There is more; beyond the scientific quantification.

Secrets will not set you free.

Batshit crazy. Is it a modern platitude for insane?

7 billion saviours oppressed and counting.

They sample the source willy nilly giving little thought cause it's silly really.

They show you photographs of moments of a life you never lived and yet clearly it is your face, it is your scar, it is your act. realisation.

I live in the echoes of that which is ineffable. I am but an echo of the ineffable.

Fear of realisation yes, but yet most run half-baked in the shadow of the spirit of irrepressible nature surely then the battle is half won, alas no the foundation is faulty.

My king doesn't offer the comfort of cushions created by slaves. My king doesn't eat the flesh of nations.

Stream of dreams to extreme it seems

And yet I am grateful. I am grateful to him who opened my eyes to gratitude.

Thanks for reading please apply the platitude.

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