Cats Are Aliens

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Ever since I was small I felt as though cats had some type of alterer motive based on their rather cold and unusual behaviour. I would study their actions and reactions in certain settings/situations. By them selves they would exhibit very strange behaviour, murderous, cruel behaviour, hunting and stalking anything that moved, at first I found this to be normal, given their instinct is that of a predatory nature, but usually predators only hunt for the soul purpose of survival, consuming and thus gaining energy to survive. However with cats I found that they would hunt the target only to leave it either half alive struggling for breath and dragged off to a location in which it would die shortly after in its mangled weekend condition or... just kill it, without consuming the prey. It seemed as though they knew they were causing the prey to suffer, intentionally causing its suffering. (Sick and Twisted).
as far as my suspicions go with cats being aliens, well, I think that cats are in fact aliens. They mimic other animals to mess with other animals/ humans, for example, I watched a video on YouTube the other day of a cat barking like a dog to piss off dog outside, only to slip back into an innocent meow when caught by the person holding the camera. This leads me to believe they are more intelligent then they lead them self's out to be and certainly more manipulative that I could have ever imagined. On a different but slightly related note, I was researching a theory of a parasitic brain worm that was hosted by none other than the cat, turns out this isn't a theory. Cats indeed carry these worms. The worm it's self is said to make it's way through the body of the host latching its self to brain tissue. This worm can supposedly alter some behaviours in humans and primarily rats and other mammals. (Fuckin' freaky.) But if that isn't bad enough, scientists say that the worm manipulates areas in the brain that cause humans and these other mammals to become highly attracted to cats. making rats for example become easy prey for the cats and people to house and feed these abominations. Ever wonder why cats rub against you? studies have proven that this is one way of them to transfer the brain worm to a host. (fuck cats im out)

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