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Documented. Speech by the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, at the 64th United Nations General Assembly

"Obama Obama One or two?" Hugo Chávez, in his UN speech on disarmament proposals, the U.S. president, while supporting the military in Honduras (5. summit of the OAS member states, 19.4.2009)
Photo: AP
We were yesterday at the Lincoln Theater, and have a movie filmed seen the Oliver Stone in the past few months and whose title is already stimulating food for thought. The movie is called "south" of the border. There you will see chew the President Evo Morales with Stone coca, and how President Morales said: "The coca is not cocaine." There you will see, Cristina Fernandez, the Argentine President, and General Perón1 the car, and her reflections on what is going on in South America, Latin America before him. There you can Lula, the President of Brazil, exploited in the view for centuries Venezuelan Guajira2. There you will be able to see Paraguay's President Fernando Lugo, the bishop and liberation theologians, who today, as he says himself, lives in the residence, which had occupied for a long time Stroessner3 is a bishop who became the president. There you will be Rafael Correa, the president of Ecuador, can be seen in Havana, with Cuban President Raúl Castro. You will be able to see Fidel. You'll even be able to see Obama in Trinidad, in conversation with a group of us with an outstretched hand and an open smile. (...)

In this film there is, Mr. Präsident4, a lot of content that can help us solve the mysteries of our time. Last night after the film we are still remained for a while and have a group of people from the U.S. and other parts of the world talking. (...) A woman approached me, as a lady about 50, and said: "I am very happy ..." She spoke half-Spanish, it is North American and very white, the typical citizen in this part of the earth is born, and she said to me: "I am very happy ... I asked her why. "Because I now that I've seen this movie, I realized that I was wrong. I thought you were angry, very angry ... "This woman is a victim of media bombardment, the ideological bombardment, the niedergeht to this country, the United States, and the whole world, and attempts to be to reverse the reality to turn the world upside down, as Eduardo Galeano5 formulated.

The movie is called "south" of the border. South of the border will take place a revolution. Occurred in South America, a revolution occurred in Latin America, a revolution occurred in the Caribbean is a revolution. It is necessary that the world sees that it accepts and assumes, because it is a reality that will not change. (...)

No one should try to stop them, nobody. No one can stop them. (...) Fails not "South of the border." Last night, Oliver Stone told me that even pressure is applied so that the American people do not see this movie. Where then is the right to freedom of expression? That's just a movie, they should be afraid of a movie? But the pressure of the monopolies, which operate the cinema, has already begun. These are all monopolies, to exert pressure, but the film is then run. Luckily, we live in an age of computer technology, telecommunications. It no longer depends on the cinema halls which are operated by the monopolies.

(...) We are millions, and nothing and nobody can stop this great South American, Latin American and Caribbean revolution. I think the world should support them. The U.S. should support this revolution, Europe should support this revolution, because this revolution, and several brothers and sisters have not yet noticed, the beginning of the path to save the planet, to save capitalism, of imperialism, of war and Hunger endangered human species. It is the necessary revolution. For centuries we have been "called the New World." Yes, the new world, now we can call it that. The new world is born. (...)
Cave People in Honduras

(...) Yesterday we - one of Obama started about Lula, Sarkozy, Gaddafi, Cristina - the cry for change. But what changes? Under capitalism, change is not possible. We do not believe the lies. Only under socialism, we will achieve real change, and revolution in Latin America has a deeply socialist content in itself, (...) a new socialism, is not a copy or imitation of something. There are no manuals on how to make socialism, you have to invent him, he's heroic creation (...).

But we have reminded us yesterday that U.S. President John F. Kennedy has just said before his assassination: "There in the south there is a revolution. And the main reason for this revolution is the hunger. "Fewer days later they killed him. Kennedy was no revolutionary, but he was intelligent, and is also President Obama, I think intelligent. I hope he succeeds! God forbid Obama from the bullets that killed Kennedy! Hopefully, Obama manages to really umzusteuern.

Yesterday he spoke here ... Here, it no longer smells of sulfur, it no longer smells! Rather, it smells like another thing, it smells of hope, and we have to put the heart in this hope.

We must not ruin this planet. What about our children and future generations? If we accept the challenge. Lula said yesterday that there was no political will. A blow from Lula. (...) There is a lack of political will, Lula has it, we got him, but he needs to grow, it must grow in the next leaders in the societies in the nations in which young people - especially young people -- , all among the workers in the world.

Kennedy had said "In the south there is a revolution." And he added: closes Who peaceful revolutions the road opens, while the violent revolutions of the way. "He said.

While we are here, ladies and gentlemen from all over the world, is there a staunch, decent President, has succeeded in it, with a small group of fast-martyrs, who guards the rebels, revive the repression and the Plaza Morazán Tegucigalpa come. The rebels have occupied all the streets, everyone! All! They have a whole army there, as if they had occupied Honduras, but it is their own army. What an indignity! From here I set up a call, as a soldier, who I am, but as a revolutionary soldier, the soldiers from Honduras (...), that they cease to oppress the innocent people.

While we're here is Manuel Zelaya, the president of Honduras, at the Embassy of Brazil, which has granted him refuge. The embassy is surrounded by more than 200 soldiers, as has been told by the president himself. They have evacuated the area with rubber bullets in the most brutal manner. The time of cave people tried to return! They will not come back! This coup will be swept away by the wind of the new story! Because you can be sure! The coup and the regressive forces will prevail in either Honduras or in any other country, this America! There is a nation that is already providing for 90 days on the road resistance!

There, a president is more durable with a group of compatriots, with his wife. Let them get away with no food, they constantly ask them off the water. They have a tank there, someone has brought them. This morning they discovered in a neighboring house, on the roof of a neighboring house, appliances for the interception of telephones, and, as I told the president, an Israeli from the latest production. Israel has recognized the Putschistenregierung, I think it is the world's only government that has recognized them. You have jamming equipment which are addressed to consciousness, they want to stir up among the few people who are inside the Embassy of Brazil, panic. It threatens to break into the Embassy of Brazil.

Do you recognize the character of the cave man? This is the stone age, wants to return. It will not come back! There on the road is an oppressed people. They have closed the airports. The people living under occupation. Who are the rebels? The Honduran bourgeoisie, the Putschistenstaat that of the bourgeoisie, the rich occupied state. Four or five very large families are the owners of the state. We should re-read Lenin: "State and Revolution. They control everything, the Congress, the judiciary, the military, government, and on the street the people are massacred. (...) From here, our greatest solidarity to the people of Honduras and President Zelaya. We demand that will meet the United Nations resolution and the resolution of the Organization of American States.

Something strange that the Government of the United States has not recognized that there has been a military coup. This was explained to me today, President Zelaya, there are disputes between the State Department and the Pentagon.

I read yesterday a book by Juan Bosch, the great, by the empire overthrown Dominicans. This good book is called "The Pentagonismus. I recommend this book. The Pentagon is the cave of the empire. The Pentagon does not want Obama, it will not change. They want to rule the world with its military bases, their threats, their bombs, their invading soldiers. The Pentagon is behind the coup in Honduras. (...) The North American military in Honduras knew about the coup and support him, and they support the military in Honduras. Therefore, the contradictions out into Obama and about Obama.
One or two of Obama?

Was in the fight against the military coup: Honduras' President Manuel Zelaya on a cell phone at the UN General Assembly (speaking Foreign Minister Patricia Rodas, New York, 28.9.2009
Photo: AP
Sometimes one wonders whether there are two Obamas, the one who spoke yesterday here, and another, a double? Those who supported the coup in Honduras, or the one who allows that his soldiers to support the coup in Honduras? Questions to think about. There are two Obamas, or is there only one? Hopefully shall be established by which we have seen yesterday and heard here. The world needs him, and the world calls it.

What is the background of the coup in Honduras? It has to do with all this, which we are talking about here, the revolution in the South. This is a revolution, that revolution is no longer the heroic guerrilla columns or in the Sierra Maestra mountains of Bolivia is where marched Ernesto Guevara, Che. It is no longer that kind of revolution. This revolution is different, it no longer starts from guerrillas in the mountains, but from the cities, by the masses. It is a mass revolution, but it is peaceful and wants to remain peaceful. It is profoundly democratic.

Do not be afraid of democracy! (...) The elites are afraid of the people, they are afraid of true democracy, the Abraham Lincoln6, that other great martyr, clearly defined by three concepts: government of the people, government by the people, government for the people . Not the government of the bourgeoisie, the government of the elite, and if the people stand up, they call the gorillas. That is what happened in Honduras, and what happened in Venezuela, 2002, what happened in Brazil with Joao Goulart7 and what happened in the Dominican Republic. Why do the people of Latin America and the Caribbean in the 20th was Century is not allowed to choose his own way? They did not welcome us. This century is our century. In this century we will build in Latin America and the Caribbean, our own way, and nobody, really nobody will be able to prevent this.

Imperialism must be eliminated. (...) Obama said yesterday that one should impose on any people any political system, that every nation and its sovereignty must be respected. And now, President Obama? What are you waiting to order the removal of the brutal and murderous blockade of Cuba? Anyone doubts that? Can anyone believe this is just something symbolic? No, there is a prosecution against companies from any part of the world, even if they deliver food to Cuba, and now against Venezuela.

Fidel has accused one of his reflections in a company with a globally recognized presence that makes and sells medical devices, and in this and last year, has not fulfilled commitments it has entered into with the governments of Cuba and Venezuela. Do not send the spare parts from hundreds of medical devices that have acquired both governments to bring our peoples free, high-quality health care. This involves tomography, electrocardiogram, which are now in the slums of Caracas. Where the Indians are, there are medical facilities, where we have 30,000 Cuban doctors. Free and quality health care for the people. As the company name again? Philips. We have been silent and looked for solutions, but no, the company refuses to provide spare parts for the high-tech devices. Why? Because pressure is applied. By whom? By the Government of the United States.

Obama! Is that you, or is this another Obama? Obama One or two Obama? Who are you, Obama? I would like to believe in the yesterday, to which I have seen here, but these things happen next, and that endangers the lives of millions of people. On behalf of whom? On behalf of whom? Why does the U.S. continue to make such a thing?

That is the fear of democracy. Because what happened in Honduras, is the fear of ALBA, the Bolivarian Alliance before that occurs as an organism of a new, innovative, cohesive integration. We, the governments of the countries of Cuba, Nicaragua, Honduras, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines have made the Bolivarian Alliance of the Peoples of Our America. They attack us, try to stop us, but it will not succeed! (...)
No military bases in Colombia

Available in this series, Mr. President, the seven military bases, the U.S. built in Colombia. Obama spoke yesterday of four columns, you will remember. Well, we fulfill das ego and we take the President of the United States at their word. Nonproliferation of nuclear weapons, agreed. Begin at, by destroying all its nuclear weapons, which it owns. Destroy them! Makes!

The second pillar of Obama: to promote peace. Well, President Obama, we are looking for peace in Colombia. It is ruled by a civil war. Some refuse to recognize it? This is something else. There is an old, very old conflict in Colombia. The United Nations must recognize the monitor, and we all should, of course, in respect of its sovereignty, Colombia reach out a hand to pull it there to help him come from the tragedy so that sister nation can live in peace.

In Central America, the peace was achieved, in Guatemala, the peace has been achieved. When I was active military, I was in Guatemala, where there was a war with thousands dead and missing. And in El Salvador, Nicaragua. And here's Daniel Ortega, after almost 20 years, returned to the Government which has brought him to the Sandinista People's again.

(...) If the peace was won (...), why, by God, no peace can be achieved in Colombia? This is one of the things I want most to me and I follow in my life, because I'm Venezuelan, but I feel I am a Colombian, a citizen of Colombia of Bolivar, Miranda of Colombia, our Kolumbien.8

Think President Obama to follow them around, the second pillar, the search for peace, with seven additional military bases in Colombia? These seven military bases are a threat not only to the U.S. possible peace in Colombia, but for peace in the South. We, the Governments of South America, are right when we put all our own way and each in our own intensity of our great concern over the establishment of these seven gringo military bases on Colombian territory. Here, I accuse and call President Obama, he should reflect and enforce its pillars. Do we support the peace!

The United Nations would appoint a peace commission to Colombia. Venezuela is ready to cooperate, and I am sure that all countries want peace. We want no more war between us. (...)
More political will

There is another issue that Fidel in the reflections of 21 September appeals, and that has to do with climate change. (...) I am going to read, with your permission, Mr. President. Fidel said in reflection, titled "An endangered species from extinction": (...) "The past two decades of the 20th Century were the warmest in hundreds of years, the temperatures of Alaska, western Canada and eastern Russia have risen at a rate that is twice the world average. The Arctic ice disappearing fast and the region could experience in 2040, its first completely ice-free summer. The effects are apparent in the melting ice of more than two kilometers high in Greenland, the glaciers of South America from Ecuador to Cape Horn, these fundamental sources of water and the huge ice cap that covers Antarctica. "

We are ruining the planet. Will we being aware, we become more aware and we act as yesterday, President Lula has called for. Lula said: "For the climate, it is no will, who want the most developed countries do not make decisions." But Obama said that the U.S. wants to make decisions. Do that, President, do that, but go from words to deeds on. We rescue these planets, we save the human race. Hopefully by the next summit will be held in December in Denmark from truly comprehensive decisions. Venezuela is willing to join those decisions and calls for making decisions, each according to his responsibilities.

What is the main cause of pollution? The hyper-consumption. We consume the oil and gas reserves that have developed over millennia. We need them to within a century, in less than a century. (...) I am referring to the Stiglitz report. I invite you to analyze it. Yesterday we heard the President of France. Thanks to him, there is this report and the Commission. But to fit, only this: The report contains twelve recommendations. Let us examine it, because I think they point to the bottom, although they do not question the capitalist model in question, whereas we Socialists do this. But well, we discuss, we are looking for immediate solutions to consensus and then for the medium and longer period.

(...) Here, the report notes, and that's true, "Gross domestic product increases with the traffic, because while the frustration of the population is increasing, while rising dissatisfaction among the road users and passengers, while precious time lost in traffic, increasing the GDP. "Why is it rising? Because more fuel is consumed, and thus increasing the pollution. You see, created as the capitalist world economic measuring instruments that are destructive. So I think that the Stiglitz report provides important reflections.

Under Item 12 is: to establish "a battery of indicators that are linked to the environment and climate change." We talk about the economy. This report comes at a good time. Let's take him, especially the governments, and especially the governments of most developed countries. I think they are now assembled in Pittsburgh9, not the Pittsburgh Pirates, but, hopefully there are not the pirates. No, they are not pirates, they are the presidents of the countries of the group discussed the 20 (...)

The economy. We say socialism, but we discuss the indicators that modes that production. Like yesterday, President Obama has said in its fourth pillar: "We need an economy at the service of man." Well, Obama, that is socialism. Obama, come to socialism, we invite you, "a" to the axis of evil. Obama, come to the axis of evil, and we begin to build an economy that is really in the service of man. That is not possible under capitalism, capitalism is impossible. Capitalism is a minority, and excludes the majority, and he also destroyed the environment, it destroys life. That is capitalism.

I want to end up with Lula, the rate of Lula, who was yesterday the first speaker in the General Assembly: "There is no political will." (...) He calls on everyone to increase political will. We in South America - I speak for Venezuela, but certainly also for South America, Latin America - have considerable political will for real change, unlike other spheres of government, despite the terrible crisis that we do not want to change.

I recommend this book by Istvan Mészáros, a large Hungarian philosopher, also for many years a professor at various universities in London: "On the capital. "At a transition theory. (...) With reference to Meszaros, Marx says in the book: "The crisis, then, are the general threat that goes beyond their pre-assumption, and the admonition, which leads to a new historical form." This is what we need: a new historical shape. For years, talks about a new order, and what we have is the old, moribund order. It is necessary that a new order is born, the new historical form, a new political form, a new, global form. (...)

Lula also said this yesterday: "We must be midwife of history. All right," and I would add to the comrades Lula: The birth has already begun. There is no future birth, the birth is present. Let us, as has been said the comrade Lula, midwives and obstetricians of the new history, the gravediggers of time. (...)

1 Argentina's president between 1946 and 1955 and 1973/74 Juan Perón

2 Guajira is the northernmost part of South America. The peninsula belongs chiefly to Colombia, only a narrow strip is Venezuelan. There plenty occurring coal is exported to the U.S.

3 1954 coup, the commander of the Paraguayan army, Alfredo Stroessner to power; 1989, he was deposed in a military coup again

4 President of 64.Tagung the UN General Assembly, the Libyans Ali Abdussalam treki

5 Eduardo Galeano is one of the most famous writers of Latin America

6 U.S. president from 1860 until his death in 1865

7 Joao Goulart was in September 1961 Brazil's president. Because of his social program, he was the military coup in March 1964

8 Francisco de Miranda (1750-1816) fought for the liberation of the South American nations from Spain. He is a pioneer Bolívar. - Simón Bolívar (1783-1830) was a freedom fighter against the Spanish colonizers in Venezuela, Colombia, Panamá, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia

9 On 24 and 25 September 2009 met in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the top 20 industrialized and emerging economies. The Pittsburgh Pirates are the baseball team of the city
Translation from the Spanish by André Scheer


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