Chemical weapos treaty: Illuminati jokes: Assad NOW member

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Illuminati jokes: Assad *** NOW *** member of chemical weapons treaty
Sept 12: illuminati media allows for the first time ever a Free Syrian Army leader to speak, General Salim Idriss, who confirms that Assad is moving chemical weapons to Iraq and Lebanon (1).

Sept 12: 20 days after ater the deadliest chemical attack against civilians in History and confessing that he has been lying about the possession of chemical weapons until 2 days ago, comes the "punishment":
illuminati make Assad *** NOW *** a member of the chemical weapons treaty (2).

This joke packaged as news (2) breaks out "coincidentally" at the same time as another illuminati joke: "UK foreign minister MR Hague announces £400 MILLION Pound aid to Syria" (3).

Reminder: Since 2012 Illuminati have spent more money preventing the fall of puppet Assad in Syria than the fall of puppet Maliki in Iraq, officially using the imposter impersonatong Putin since 2010 and the puppets of Iran gov.

(1) Assad is moving chemical weapons to Iraq and Lebanon ... -amanpour/

(2) Sept 12 The UN has confirmed it has received documents from Syria on joining the Chemical Weapons Convention, which outlaws their production and use.

(3) Syria crisis: Latest updates on UK aid ... -on-uk-aid

Syria: Illuminati media pushes "black is white" to new limits
Rewriting Assad's airforce unprecedented atrocities as "the rebels did it": how does it work?
End Times Reductionism: the next two first facts say it all:
1. Illuminati media has censored the Free Syrian Army ever since day 1.
2. Assad and his clique are "interviewed" every day.
3. To bury the fact that Assad has been air bombing syrian children for now more than two years, it's as simple as this: systematically conceal it in "reports", not to mention in "interviews" with the butchers.
Systematically means using the psy-op technique "state it ONE and ONLY ONE time, and then back to the broken record of nothing but lies".
4. A consequence of the previous fact: illuminati media does not need to bury the fact that Assad air bombs for now half year syrian children with chemical weapons.
The solution is as simple as this: have the Assad clique deny it in a first phase and rewrite it as "black is white" in the second phase.
5. The same kind of rewriting as the headlines "Al Qaeda-linked rebels take Christian town".
An act totally staged to sell "Black is white": that christians are behind Assad, when in fact they are supporting the Free Syrian Army.
Syria Illuminati Theater: Obama seeks Congress approval for strike = Carbon copy of UK script "Cameron miscalculation, stunning defeat" ... 342488/pg1

More illuminati jokes
After six months of Assad air bombing children with chemical weapons, BBC News becomes the first illuminati channel to report it (1), August 30 2013 ...
less than 24 hours before the act of illuminati theater scripted as "UK prime minister Cameron loses vote to degrade capability for Assad to launch chemical attacks". ... 337564/pg1

Roles of imposter impersonating "Putin" since late 2010: from pioneer selling Black is White to detonating NOW as fake suicide bomber, like Obama

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Oct 10, 2013: poster replies to Last Prophet exposing the script for the Nobel Peace Prize 2013 (0):
I was going to put money on Mallala, the Brits are promoting her in a big way...
She's 10/11 favourite, and Putin is 100/1, same as Bono. ... 38422.html

Reminder of Last Prophet's words;
Only ignorants of illuminati religion's third commandment will doubt that fake Putin will get the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize, out of 259 candidates (1).
The third commandment: have the human cattle robotically repeat that "black is white".
Awarding it to the official role for arming Assad is the perfect celebration of the agenda "Acceptance of use of chemical weapons against the revolting population".
Only the fall of illuminati agent Assad before the annoucement of the successor of "Obama" 2009 and the EU 2012 would force illuminati to change the 2013 script.
To ensure that it won't happen, 'Putin' now announces that Russia will join Iran, Iraq and Hezbollah in sending mercenaries to Syria.

Pakistani actress playing "16 years old girl Malala" will have to wait for the Nobel Peace Prize (2).

As for Assad, he's awarded only membership at the Chemical weapons Treaty (3).

Alternative script: award it to the "Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons".
The same illuminati controlled Organisation that credits Assad NOT for the worst crimes against Humanity but for "destroying chemical weapons so promptly" (4).
See how illuminati media packages this message as "double tak in plain sight" with real images of TOTAL destruction of Syria - see photo of Homs (4).

(0) Pakistani actress playing "16 years old girl Malala" will have to wait for the Nobel Peace Prize. 2013 is reserved for fake Putin ... 379155/pg1

(1) There are 259 candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize for 2013. 50 of these are organizations.
259 is the highest number of candidates ever. The previous record was 241 from 2011. ... ions-2013/

(2) "Resurection of Malala, victim of Taliban" is an illuminati joke about:
- the Taliban hoax.
- the genocide of christians implemented by the illuminati puppets of Pakistan government.
Christian minorities in countries with muslim majorities: illuminati agenda Genocide of Christians ... 376130/pg1 ... 376130/pg1

(3) Illuminati jokes: Assad member of chemical weapons treaty.
The "punishment" for the deadliest chemical attack against civilians in History 20 days ago and confessing that he has been lying about the possession of chemical weapons until Sept 10:

(4) Four days before the Nobel "Peace" Prize annouced: double tak in plain sight: Assad praised in fact for the destruction of Syria and tis people with air bombings and chemical weapons: ... Kerry.html

Roles of imposter impersonating Putin since late 2010: one of his roles is pioneer for marketing items for the "Black is white" agenda:

Black is white: naming freedom fighters: Afghanistan is the ultimate example.
Since 2003 Illuminati media calls Taliban to the the Mujaheddin that were fiighting the Taliban until 2001. ... 373677/pg1


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