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iwanci wrote:Sooo Papermoon, how many people at the beach ogle women in bikinis and/or topless? how many people at work ogle co-workers/clients? how many people ogle people at night clubs? how many people at airport security would deliberately hold up a beautiful woman simply because she is pretty?

Can we remember the first cases of harassment at work, nightclubs etc? Can we remember a time when these cases seemed prolific? Now, can we remember the last time we heard of a case of harassment at work or in a nightclub or the beach? It is not that it no longer occurs, I would bet it occurs ever more frequently, it's just not reported in the press because it no longer sell papers unless it involves someone famous (Tiger Woods?) and even that is becoming a bore, we are used to it, we see another case and think, yeah seen this before.. next story. The same will happen with the scanners, its news only whilst its new.. then ...

I don't like the idea of the scanners because it takes away our privacy and our right to be presumed innocent. If we accept them now then they will become prolific. Naturally if we accept scanners we must accept that someone is going to see us almost naked, that's the whole point of the scanner. It's not that someone made a lewd comment that concerns me, or that someone got their jollies, people can ogle and think thoughts without making a single remark or gesture and that does not make them less guilty of ogling. It's the fact that someone, anyone has been given the right to view us naked or otherwise that concerns me. Who empowered this person?

Our rights and outrage should extend way beyond the comments or ogles made by people, these comments are a by-product of the system not the problem. Our outrage should extend way up to those that allowed these cameras to be implemented.

If given the right to refuse the scanner, then refuse the scanner, if not given the right and you feel outraged then find another means of transport. Unfortunately as toxic32 already pointed out, these scanners may become common place throughout our society not just at airports, this level of control is what should be concerning us the most. But what will happen is this, the 'sheeple' will go through the scanner, it will be a pinless excersice, they wil accept them, they will become prolific and we will move on to another cause. That's the general order of things,and that's the most frightening. How hard could it possibly be to simply refuse to fly? It is a passive protest, no harm other than to the dollars and then the system will not take off (pardon the pun), it will beocme someone's bad idea that never worked.

As with everything, we will go along until it is way out of control, then protest, rebel, etc to no avail.. by stopping it at first sight we stop it from manifesting itself.. but this may be too late as well, next time you go to an ATM to withdraw some money, please make sure you are not picking your nose. Next time you are in a lift, remember to smile. Next time you are at a nightclub, don't for heaven sake clean the spinache from your teath in the two way mirror in the hallway.
Next time you are in a taxi, do not kiss your girlfriend and please make sure she is not wearing the miniskirt at the tennis. I think you get the point... these camera's must ALL go to make any real difference... but then the dilema, who will protect us ?

In my humble opinion, in the future life may well be recorded, any arguments, incidents and crimes may become very easily resolveable... but at what cost?

Okay, I hear you, I agree. :flop: :sunny:
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