China Builds World Fastest Computer

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PostFri Oct 29, 2010 9:38 am » by Simpletruths10

China Builds World Fastest Computer

In a time when the United States is exporting all of its manufacturing jobs to China because labor is cheaper, it is no wonder that China is beating America in computing power. If the Greatest Generation could only see us now! There was an old adage that states that the servant eventually becomes the master with time. This would be the case with China building the world’s fastest computer called the Tianhe-1A. The computer can go 1.4 times faster than the fastest American computer.

Note to Obama (How to fix this):
1. Create free public education at 2 year colleges to increase science education, so that Americans can train in new skills for future workforce. Free Public education should be increased from high school level to two years of college in technical programs. This will decrease structural unemployment.
2. Place some tariffs on foreign goods; to bring back manufacturing jobs to America, we can’t buy foreign goods if we have no jobs in America.
3. Understand the importance of keeping manufacturing jobs in America so that American ingenuity can flourish. Americans need to work “hands on” the products they make to increase novelty.

China building world’s fastest computer

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PostFri Oct 29, 2010 10:44 am » by Dragonraptor

I agree some of your post but on a side note did you read "The Chinese system follows that model by linking thousands upon thousands of chips made by the American companies Intel and Nvidia."
So with that in mind that they are using chips made by us is a good thing and they can only build a fast computer as fast as with the chips that we give them. When they start making better chips then us it will be a wake up call. Im sure the U.S will build a faster civilian supercomputer if they brag to much or to make a point.
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PostFri Oct 29, 2010 10:49 am » by Zmonkey

This is totally misleading, and probably there just to start a controversy. There is a LOT of grey area when it comes to "Super" computers. So called "Super" computers are basically a cluster of server machines now. The Google search engine was the "Top" "Super" computer for a while. So the Chinese have made a bigger server cluster, so what?

Did they design and fabricate the processors that are being used in the server cluster? no...

Did they revolutionize silicon manufacturing processes that make the processors 1.4 times faster? no...

Did they refine circuit board manufacturing processes to allow the processor clock to tick 1.4 times faster? no...

They built a bigger cluster, probably Dell machines, with Intel processors.
Claiming to one up us using our own hardware, blech...

China is excellent at replicating technology...

The USA is excellent at innovating technology...
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PostFri Oct 29, 2010 11:16 am » by Smokeydog

"The USA is excellent at innovating technology... " cough cough

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