China Cleans Up

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China Cleans Up
China is adding nuclear, hydroeletric, wind and solar power at an unrivaled pace.

By Peter Fairley
In 2006, China passed the United States as the world's top emitter of greenhouse gases; last year it exceeded U.S. investment in clean energy for the first time, with a total of $34.6 billion. Driving that investment are air pollution, which has reached choking levels in Chinese cities, and a strong desire to meet a voracious appetite for energy through domestic sources. Not only is the country adding nuclear, hydroelectric, wind, and solar power at an unrivaled pace, but it's fast becoming a proving ground for next-­generation energy technologies that have stalled elsewhere.

China has 22 nuclear reactors under construction, with a combined capacity of 23 gigawatts. Two-thirds of these, including this one at Fuqing on China's southeastern coast, use a homegrown design based on France's existing light-water reactors. Li ­Ganjie, director of China's National Nuclear Safety Administration, recently warned that "over­rapid expansions" could diminish reactor quality and safety.

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PostFri Apr 30, 2010 4:56 am » by I333i

they are trying to do what they did to russia during cold war funding china from wall street to make it look like a threat but then again they are not going to take over US
japan was helped by the west for more than 300 years but their economy but they never got bigger to take over the US
same shit here.....

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