Chinese numbers look good for Obama - apparently

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OK, I personally found this report to be a little.... hmmm..... 'interesting'
Aside from the association with death thing ("promise to excecute...") and the numerologists other points he makes. The thing that struck me was the guys name "Udin". Now this is unlikely to mean anything to anyone other than myself but without going into the specifics, the Word for Chaos in Ouranian Barbaric (the language created by practitioners of chaos magick using a bag of scrabble & chance) is Udinbak & the number of Chaos is 8 (represented by the chaos star as 4 sets of dualities defining reality (I'm wearing one)). So when I add this to a load of other "synchronisities" I've noticed recently, I can't help thinking the nwo is trying to fuck with me. :lol:
But I digress, here's the report
>>>Chinese numbers look good for Obama: report
8 hours 2 mins ago

An Indonesian numerologist has predicted good fortune for 44th US President Barack Obama despite 44 being an unlucky number associated with death in Chinese culture, a report said Thursday.
Chinese numbers look good for Obama:
In Mandarin the words for four and death are the same but numbers expert Udin, also a feng shui master of 20 years, said it was auspicious to be the 44th president, The Jakarta Globe daily reported.
"Talking about his position as the 44th American president, it is actually a good number according to Chinese numerology because four plus four equals eight, and eight is a lucky number," he was quoted as saying.
Four in China is like 13 in Western countries. Many Chinese buildings will not have a fourth floor or any other storey featuring a number four.
Despite this, Udin foretold greatness for Obama's presidency.
"My vision tells me that 2009 is a lucky year for Obama because he is 47 and in numerology, it's a good time to do something great until 49, and obviously that is a good sign for the country he is leading," he said.
2009 is the Year of the Ox in the Chinese calendar and the new president was born in 1961, also the Year of the Ox.
People born in the Year of the Ox are characterised as hard-working and stubborn, according to Chinese tradition.
"It means that Obama has to try hard to save his nation and sometimes he should ignore critics' opinions on his policies," Udin said.
As for Indonesia, where Obama spent four years as a child, Udin's visions held little hope.
"Indonesia should not expect too much from Obama because good fortune is far from us," he said.<<<
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