City Of The Gods" Anunnaki City Found Under Egyptian Pyramid

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Enoch never "walked with god", that is a mistranslation. And so is the phrase "giants". It was DWARVES.

Poor rip off of the bosnian pyramids discovery.

Nice try, tho.

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Prophet_Daniel wrote:I love it when people say where is the proof of any of this?

Lets see what came out of the Jungle in Ecudor in the 1980's

Then lets see what came out of the Aztec pyramids?

No human hands carved that, because even with todays technology cutting a lump of solid Quartz without getting it to shatter into a million bit's isnt an easy task although the only one that is worthy of note was the one found by Mitchell Hedges daughter at Lubantuun inside a stone sarcophacus.

The skull is made from a block of clear quartz about the size of a small human cranium, measuring some 5 inches (13 cm) high, 7 inches (18 cm) long and 5 inches wide. The lower jaw is detached. In the early 1970s it came under the temporary care of freelance art restorer Frank Dorland, who claimed upon inspecting it that it had been "carved" with total disregard to the natural crystal axes, and without the use of metal tools. Dorland reported being unable to find any tell-tale scratch marks, except for traces of mechanical grinding on the teeth, and he speculated that it was first chiseled into rough form, probably using diamonds, and the finer shaping, grinding and polishing was achieved through the use of sand over a period of 150 to 300 years. He said it could be up to 12,000 years old. Although various claims have been made over the years regarding the skull's physical properties, such as an allegedly constant temperature of 70 °F (21 °C).

The only noticable differance between this Skull and all the others? The lower Jaw bone is seperate from the main body of Crystal and the high level of detail is truely stunning.


And then of course people will try to say it's all just a co-incidence and that there is no mention of a feathered serpent like the Mayan Quetzalcoatl to be found anywhere in ancient egypt! Right??

You so sure about that?

Perhaps you should take a long hard look at Wadjet, sometimes depicted as a Cobra with Wings!


Has this crystal skull and any of the other supposed skulls been dated by anyone in science?

And sure, the level of detail is great, so what? Does not prove aliens made it. Like Frank Dorland said, it could have been made over 150 to 300 years. He said it could be up to 12,000 years old.. could be.. assumption, guess, no proof.

You say no humans hands made them... yet you have no proof of this bold claim either.

The socalled gods, reptiles and animals they depicted back then come from altered states of consciousness - the use of ayahuasca (spelling) and other hillucogens were used back then by shamans in egypt and all over the place really (the Gods of the underworld). See Graham Hancocks Supernatural book for info on that. They were not seeing lizard men in the real world nor were they coming here in spaceships, they were seeing beings or entities from other realities under the influence of these mind altering drugs. Then they were drawing their experiences in the real world.

See, all has been explained :banana:


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