Clinton admits CFR runs the government

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cornbread714 wrote:Mep, I'm no homo but I do have a certain respect for you, sorry if I tease a little hard, I thought your quote was genuinely funny, whether you meant it to be or not.

I'll even take it down if it truly bothers you, I really found it to have meaning on several levels.

And I agree that the CFR is some of the best evidence of the kind of shit you guys point at as being the NWO. I been checking that action from day one (in other words, since about the time you were born) - Trilateral Commission, too - all those fuckers give me the creeps. Lizards, yes, but not in the literal sense...

Anyway, I just kinda started making my own complex interpretations and have avoided the parroting of other conspiracy mumbo-jumboists for the last 20 years or so.

I'm sorry if I make fun of what I see as another form of dis-info. In other words, the PTB's propensity for using people such as yourself to further their own agenda. That's the beautiful irony I saw reflected in your quote and in many of your opinions - the regurgitation of paranoid misinformation that just makes the true passionate seekers of the truth - such as yourself - look like wackos.

The reality of the NWO is just a bunch of greedy oligarchs who have learned the art of one hand washing the other altogether too well...

Did any of that make sense?

Peace :cheers:
The quote is funny as hell and I knew that when I wrote it that it would be a very easy target for people like you who dislike me and my views on things.

The NWO is much bigger an meaner then I think you realize, and I understand a lot of things you dont give me any credit for and that you dont even know about yourself to even judge. My thing is not to fight with people, I am trying to show people a different view. I dont push that on people,"I say hey look at it this way..."

My purpose here is not for my ego, I care less what people think about me, this is why I use to go to lengths to fight people on these subjects, but now I realize that some people will just never 'get it.' And no matter what I say or what facts I can push in front of these peoples faces wont matter because all they care about is themselves and their "america idol."

I started a mission to help wake people up to the truth of today and it is not a pretty one. I am sorry if I come across as rude or mean, but the way I see it shit is about to hit the fan any second now.

I care about all humans, Muslim, Africans, who ever! Race and Religion means nothing to me, we all have a beautiful spirit within us that is worth fighting for! I dont like to see war, especially wars I know are illegal and that are just useless carnage.

I care about American Soldiers and want to see them out of these hell holes! I mean can you even Imagine ONE DAY IN IRAQ OR AFGHANISTAN! It would be hell to what you are use to.

I dont think I am better then anyone else, I just think I am lucky to be educated in the things I know to be able to pick out these problems in our country, our governments and our world.

The only thing I want to see is a free future for humans, and I mean all humans. I may not like you but you know what I still want to see your kids have at the least the kind of free world that I grew up in.

The new world order is retarded when you know about it and understand what they really want and where these people came from. These people are the same people who were slave trading through our history, and they have been abusing our race for centuries for their own gains. Yes your ancestors were RAPED and KILLED and ENSLAVED to make these people rich, and if that fact alone dont piss you off then look ahead to the future, you want future generations of humans being slaves to these inbred scum bags?!

I am not here to fight with people, and what ever your beef with me is, it is most certainly something from my past. but in reality, I am not your enemy. I am trying to look out for all of us. And you may mock what I say, but for you to assume it to be false without looking into it is your mistake.

If you help the Oppressors, eventually you and your family will be oppressed.


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